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Buying and selling of all major currenciesMuthoot Foreign Exchange

With simplified foreign exchange services, you have the power to travel anywhere in the world with little to worry about currency availability. Muthoot Exchange brings you hassle-free currency exchange services that are provided at competitive rates. Since we deal in all of the major currencies like the Euro, US Dollar, British Pound and Japanese Yen, our exchange services are useful for a wide array of avid travellers.

Travel currency cards are also easily available from our network of over 4,400 plus Muthoot Finance branches across India. Muthoot Exchange adds value to its money exchange services by allowing customers to send money abroad for Education, Immigration, Medical Treatment and other services.

Highlights of Our Services

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Purchase and sales of all major currencies
  • No extra charges for the travel currency card
  • Minimum time to send money abroad. Ideal for last minute emergencies
  • Encasement of traveler’s cheques without any commission

Our foreign exchange services are also prominent in UK as well as UAE. The NRIs in these parts of the world can avail any of our Forex services without any difficulty.

Current rates as on

  • Euro Icon
    EU: Euro
    Rs Icon 70.90
  • Dollor Icon
    US: Dollar
    Rs Icon54.51
  • Pound Icon
    UK: Pound
    Rs Icon87.49
  • Yen Icon
    Japan: Yen
    Rs Icon0.65
*Conditions apply

What is the minimum time that it takes to send money abroad?

48 hours is the minimum time that is required to send money abroad

What are the currencies that you deal in?

we deal in all major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, ZAR, SGD, HKD.

What exchange rate/rates are you offering currently?

The exchange rates are based on the prevailing market values

Are there any restriction on from which countries remittance can come in?

No. The sender can send money from any country in the world.

From which all countries can I avail the benefits of your foreign exchange services?

We have Forex in India, US and UK


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