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Muthoot Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.Muthoot Wealth Service

Managing wealth is a discipline and principle at Muthoot Finance Ltd. We classify wealth management into a four step process comprising risk evaluation, client evaluation, value analysis, and consultancy.

With the objective of providing maximum benefit solutions to our customers we focus on analysing markets, client evaluation, option evaluation and expert consultation. We offer a series of plans that help in securing important aspects of life such as the future of your family and education of kids.

Our Insurance solutions comprise of :

  • Money Back
  • Health Plan
  • Smart Kid
  • Pension Plan
  • Smart Performer and Other

The range of insurance solutions that we offer is customized for specific needs of consumers. We offer you maximum benefit from the range of wealth management solutions. In case you require further information on wealth management solutions please contact your nearest Muthoot Finance branch and we will shortly send a representative for your help as per your convenience.

In addition to the aforementioned policies, we would like to bring your attention to a premium policy which we have launched this year i.e. Muthoot GoldLife Life Insurance

Muthoot GoldLife Insurance is a yearly renewable life insurance plan and caters to anyone from the ages of 18-70 years. Some of it’s key features are as follows:

1) Affordable coverage for individuals for up to 10 Lakhs
2) Prompt claim settlements within 48 hours.*
3) Simple and hassle free insurance, without the need to present any medicals**. On the spot and immediate insurance and activation of plan.
4) Tax benefits under Sec 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961***
5) Flexible life coverage plans (Rs.1 Lakh, Rs.3 Lakh, Rs.5 Lakh, & Rs.10 Lakh)

Getting yourself insured hasn’t been easier. All you have to do is walk into any one of our 4,400 plus Muthoot Finance Branches and request for the Muthoot GoldLife plan. You’ll have to provide your basic information, pick the policy amount, pay your initial premium and walk out secured and with your insurance certificate!

We recommend all interested parties to visit our Muthoot Finance Branches to get a more comprehensive understanding of the policy (T&C Apply).

*The details mentioned herein pertaining to time are based on average TATs and are in no way binding.
**On the spot insurance cover is subject to satisfactory good health declaration by you.
*** As per the existing Income tax laws. This is subject to change from time to time. Please speak to your tax consultant for more details.
****Plans are available for individuals of all ages, the table has been condensed to provide a summary of the premiums. To know your exact premium as per your age and plan, please visit a Muthoot Finance Branch.

*Conditions apply

What all services can I avail from Muthoot Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.?

Our solutions comprise of Money Back, Health Plan, Smart Kid, Pension Plan and Smart Performer plans.

For how much can I purchase a Health Plan from Muthoot Finance?

The pricing of each health plan varies. The factors that decide the cost of each health plan will depend upon its individual price, your age, your lifestyle and your present health condition.

From where can I purchase an insurance plan provided by you?

You can either visit the Muthoot Finance branch to intimate the same, or you can ask the branch to send an Insurance Agent to your residence.


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