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Buy Gold This Christmas, Avoid the Diwali Rush

  • December 21, 2016
  • rootroot

Buying gold during Diwali is a ritual that people have followed for ages. The festival is considered highly auspicious for the purchase of gold and silver in the form of coins, jewelry, and bars. But economically, the surge in demand has always led to a surge in the pricing of these precious metals. Even if you buy the bare minimum in the name of a ritual, major purchases of gold may still be postponed. Though not supported by an ancient tale of prosperity, buying gold around Christmas time is a good idea. Known as the festival of love and giving, here’s why you should make your gold purchases around Christmas:

For Gifts
You cannot start buying gold for every Christmas gift that you are to hand out this year. But for your near and dear ones, you could definitely choose gold ornaments. Gold is precious and is considered as a worthy gift across all cultures. It signifies prosperity and exemplifies the auspiciousness of the occasion. Also, a gold ornament is something that you know the recipient will be using and would like, unlike other gifts which have an air of uncertainty about them, specifically pertaining to how the recipient would receive them.

Reinforce Your Relationships
Not that any gifting should be done on the basis of monetary value, but with gold, a person knows the highly perceived value, and can see that you really care enough to gift gold. All the sentimental, heart touching ads that grace our TVs during Diwali about the love behind gifting gold, still hold weight around Christmas. Carrying a rather high emotional quotient, gold can help you put forth your feelings and the care you hold, without having to say it.

Akshaya Tritiya is considered as a very auspicious time to buy gold. The reason behind this is that Akshaya Tritiya marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year, and buying precious metals around the New Year are considered to bring prosperity for the coming year. Why should this hold any different meaning for the Georgian Calendar? After all, most Indians celebrate the Georgian New Year with much more pomp, as compared to the Hindu New Year. So, let the auspiciousness of buying gold at New Year, extend for the Georgian year as well.

The Prices
If you are not up for serious jewelry shopping, Diwali usually passes with the buying of a simple gold coin, owing to the high prices at the time. The trends for Gold prices in any city cannot be forecasted, as there are a number of factors, besides demand, that tend to affect the rates. But not many people consider one of the big benefits of buying gold at Christmas i.e. making gold purchases much more affordably as compared to the seasons of high gold demand.

Besides all the benefits that buying gold around Christmas will bring you, you cannot forget the principal one – Gold has always been and will keep on being a great investment opportunity. If the recent demonetization has taught us anything, it is that gold as an asset is much better than liquid cash, and can help tide over the hard times.

In essence, the crux of it all is that you can avoid rushing to the jewelers during Diwali, and opt to buy your gold at Christmas time instead, for the benefits are plenty. Depart from tradition, and end this year on a shining note!

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