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What’s your ‘ATM Etiquette’ quotient?

  • May 23, 2017
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What’s your ‘ATM Etiquette’ quotient?
In a way, many of us are privileged to have such convenient and instantaneous access to ATMs nowadays. In fact, we use these cash dispensing machines so regularly that most of us seem to forget that there are some rules to be followed while using an ATM, otherwise known as ATM Etiquette. So, how does one conduct them when at an ATM? Well, here are some good practices:

Use it as less as possible

Some people just like keeping a bulk of cash with them. This is much more about a habit rather than necessity. If the demonetization taught us anything, it was that too much cash in hand isn’t really necessary. In fact, some people (including those in the rural regions) might need the cash much more than you do and if you can use digital payments, do so. Use the machine as much as necessary, but no more.

Be considerate

If you get to the ATM and you find out that it is out of cash, or has some other issue, make sure you are considerate enough to inform people standing in queue about the same. Don’t be selfish and just walk away, leaving the queue to figure it out by themselves.

Be ready

Especially if there is a queue, it is just good manners to use the machine and vacate it as soon as possible. Don’t be one of those people that start floundering with their purses and wallets only after they are standing in front of the machine, as that is a waste of everybody’s time. When you’re about to reach the ATM, make sure you have your card out and ready.

One person at a time

Most ATMs these days are enclosed spaces and depending on the number of machines housed in the space, there should just be one person inside the ATM. It’s understandable that it might be hot outside and you want to stand in the cool area, but it is unimaginably rude to barge in and stand behind someone using the ATM machine. Also, if one person wants to use the machine, no one else is supposed to accompany them just to stand around and chat. Wait your turn and wait outside.

Avoid taking a receipt

There are digital records of all transactions these days, so unless you absolutely cannot do without a receipt, save some paper and don’t take the receipt.

Don’t crowd

Even if you have to get inside the ATM, say a sudden downpour, don’t crowd it. It is downright inconsiderate to breathe down anyone’s neck in any situation. Give them space. Also, if you’re standing outside, don’t rush the other person. Don’t knock on the door or screen and generally be a nuisance.

Personal Space

Whether you’re in a hurry or are just bored, never peak over anyone’s shoulder when they’re using the ATM. Also, when it’s your turn, make sure no one does that to you either.

ATM Etiquette is not at all hard to follow, and is an absolute necessity at the same time. Maintain a little discipline when using the ATM, and try to be as efficient as you can while you’re at it.

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