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    Come to our branch and GET INSTANT CASH from your loan amount.
    Get Card & PIN instantly to immediately use your loan amount credited on card. No need of Bank Account or waiting for the card. Do online transactions and lots more.
    Disbursement of loan through Direct Bank Credits (RTGS / NEFT / IMPS / Net Banking).


    Customer on boarding through E-KYC (Bio-metric fingerprint scanning).
    View your account statement and balance, locate nearest branch and avail QuickPay facility.
    Avail Online Gold Loan, Pay Principal & Interest online along with Part Payment, Free Top-Up and Multiple withdrawal facilities.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Applicable on loans less than Rs. 1 lakh only. Cash Component at the sole discretion of Muthoot Finance. Cash is subject to availability.

Muthoot Finance DCB VISA CARD

Get Card and PIN instantly to use your loan amount credited on the card immediately. No need of bank account or waiting!

  • The card is being branded as “Muthoot Finance DCB VISA Card”.
  • Gold Loan up to Rs. 50000/- can be disbursed through the “Muthoot Finance DCB Visa card”. Part disbursal of loan through card is not permitted. Further gold loan amount can be loaded to the card subject to maximum limit of Rs. 50000/-.
  • Card withdrawal through any of our branches by using the loaded “Muthoot Finance DCB Visa card” is permitted provided sufficient cash is available at the paying branch. At present, cash disbursement through our branches is limited to Rs. 5000/- in a day and Rs. 10000/- in a week. The limit will be revised as and when the situation improves.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from any ATM by using the “Muthoot Finance DCB Visa card”. However, a service charge of Rs. 20/-+ tax as a applicable per withdrawal shall be levied for the same. At present, cash withdrawal limit through ATM is Rs. 2000/- per day as per RBI guidelines. The same will be revised as per Govt. /RBI guidelines from time to time.
  • “Muthoot Finance DCB Visa Card” will be accepted ay any shop/ Merchant Establishment where VISA Debit Card are accepted and the customer will not be charged for the same.
  • The “Muthoot Finance DCB Visa Card” is being issued free of cost by us as an introductory offer.

POS Machines

We have installed POS machines in our Branches to enable customers to make payment of interest using their ATM / Debit Cards..

  • Are any charges involved in making the payment using Debit Cards?

    Government of India had waived charges for usage of debit cards up to 31/12/2016. However, Banks might start charging from January 2017 onwards. As an incentive for promoting the usage of POS machines, we have decided not to pass on the charges (in respect of payment of interest) to the customers for the time being. The position will be reviewed thereafter.

  • Can Credit Cards be used in POS machines?

    Credit Cards/Foreign cards cannot be used for payment of loans/interest as this will be in violation of the regulatory guidelines specifying that credit cards can be used only for purchase of good and services. Violation of this instruction will invite disciplinary action apart from recovery of the charges levied by the Bank.

  • Is there any maximum amount that can be swiped from a single card?

    Though we have not fixed any such limit, the limits set by card issuing Banks/Government will apply and any swiping above such limits will result in failure of the transaction.

  • Can a third party make the payment?

    All the cards are protected with a PIN number to prevent misuse. PIN numbers are not to be shared with any third party due to the possibility of frauds. The customers’ presence in the Branch is therefore required for entering the PIN number after swiping the card. The question of allowing a third party to swipe the card for making payment does not therefore arise.

  • Are multiple transactions possible using the same card?

    Automation of the process is still not completed. As the entries are posted manually in CBS quoting the transaction number, it may be better not to attempt multiple transactions in one swipe.

  • If a transaction fails, will the customer get refund the amount?

    In case of failed transactions, customers’ bank accounts are not debited. However, if it happens, reversal will immediately happen. In rare cases where such refunds are not received by the customer within 48 hours, the matter should be taken up by the customer with his Bank.

  • How long should the receipts printed by the POS be retained?

    Since the receipts are printed on thermal paper, the printing will fade after a few months. Once the transaction number is input and the entry is recorded, we do not need the receipt to be preserved as record.

  • Is it possible to accept interest/part payment on behalf of another Branch?

    Card can be used for making payment towards a loan account maintained with another Branch. The instructions / procedures stipulated for accepting remittances on behalf of other Branches should be followed by the Branch accepting such payments.

  • Can the release of gold be done on the basis of POS receipts?

    The receipt will be generated by the POS machine only if the transaction is successful. For all successful transactions, the amount taken out of the customer’s account through the Debit Card will be credited to our pool account with the sponsoring Bank within T + 1 day. Branches can release the gold ornaments against POS successful transactions.

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We are India's No.1 - Most Trusted Financial Services Brand, according to the Brand Trust Report 2018, 2017 & 2016 consecutively. We are also the largest Gold Financing Company in India in terms of loan portfolio, according to the 2015 update to the IMaCS Research & Analytics Industry Reports, Gold Loans Market in India, 2015 ("IMaCS Industry Report, (2015 Update)"). We provide personal and business loans secured by gold jewellery, or Gold Loans, primarily to individuals who possess gold jewellery but could not access formal credit within a reasonable time-frame, or to whom credit may not be available at all, to meet unanticipated or other short-term liquidity requirements.

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