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Gold Loan

Gold Loan

Muthoot Finance’s Gold Loan portfolio is the largest in India as well as around the globe. It is humbling to know that over
2 Lakh people avail our trusted services on a daily basis.

For the past 132 years, the company has been serving the interests of customers as its top most priority. Our journey through centuries coupled with the fact that we are still a rapidly growing company, highlights the trust and commitment that our customers worldwide have shown in us.

With Muthoot Finance Ltd. Gold Loan services, it takes no more than a few minutes for your gold to generate cash. The simple procedure that we follow allows:

  • Quick loan disbursal
  • Minimum loan amount of Rs 1500 with no maximum limit
  • Pre-payment option-without any penalty
  • Minimal documentation
  • In-house gold evaluation
  • Best customer service with a shorter response time
  • Safe custody for gold ornaments


GOLD LOAN schemes


SL. NO CATEGORY / Limit Per Scheme Applicable Rebate / Period / Effective Interest Rate (Per Annum) Base Interest Per Annum
Southern Branches* Rest of India
1 Mahila Loan (MML)
Maximum Rs. 5 L
Rebate 12%/ 30days (12%) 6%/ 90days (18%) 2% / 180days (22%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int. -2% )
2 Best value Loan (MBL)
Maximum Rs. 3 L
Rebate 8%/ 30days (16%) 4%/ 90 days (20%) 2%/180days (22%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int. -2% )
3 Interest Prepaid Loan (IPL)
Minimum Rs. 5 L
3 months (After 3 months, 22% p.a.)
6 months (After 6 months, 22% p.a.)
12 months (After 12 months,22% p.a.)
Premature closure-22% p.a.
4 Win Back (WBS)
Minimum Rs. 5 L
Rebate 4% /180 days (19%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int.-2% )
5 Super Loan (MSL)
Rebate 3%/ 90 days (21%) 1%/ 180 days (23%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int. -2% )
6 Advantage Loan (MAL)
Rebate 5% /90 days (19%) 2% /180 days (22%)
Rebate 5% /30 days (20%) 3%/90days (22%), 1%/180days (24%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days (Including Penal Int.-2%)
7 High Value Loan (MHL)
Minimum Rs.3L
Rebate 7% / 30 days (17%) 5%/ 90 days (19%) 3%/ 180 days (21%) 2% /270 days (22%)
Rebate 7% / 30 days (18%) 5%/ 90 days (20%) 3%/ 180 days (22%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days (Including Penal Int.-2% )
8 High Value Loan Plus (MHP)
Minimum 5 L
Rebate 12% / 30 days (12%) 7% /90 days (17%) 3% / 270 days (21%) 1% / 360 days (23%)
Rebate 13% / 30 days (12%) 7% /60 days (18%) 5% /90 days (20%) 4%/180 days (21%) 2% / 270 days (23%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int.- 2% )
9 Muthoot Overdraft Scheme (MOS)* Minimum. Rs. 5 L and for Rest of India Minimum Rs. 2 L
Up to 12 months
Above 12 months(Including Penal Int. -2% )
10 Zero Interest Loan (ZIL)
0% interest
24% for delayed EMI for the delayed Period
0% 0%
11 One Percent Loan
Maximum Rs. 5 L
Rebate 14% /30 days (12%) 5%/90days (21%) 3%/180days (23%) 1%/270days (25%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days (Including Penal Int. -1% )
12 Delight Loan (MDL)
Maximum Rs. 2 L
Rebate 9% /30 days (17%) 4%/90days (22%) 2%/180 days (24%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days (Including Penal Int.-1% )
13 Ultimate Loan (MUL)
Rebate 4%/ 30 days (22%) 2%/90days (24%) 1%/180days (25%)
Up to 360 days
Above 360 days(Including Penal Int. -1% )
14 Muthoot EMI Scheme
Minimum Rs. 0.2 L
Up to 6/ 12/ 18/ 24/ 30/ 36 months
21% p.a.(diminishing balance)
75 Paisa per Rs.1000 per day if EMI is not paid within 3 days from due date.

*Southern branches consisting of Kerala , Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra and Telegana States (Including Union Territories - Puducherry and Andaman - Nicobar Islands). Rest of India consisting of branches coming under rest of the states / Union territories.

  • 1. Interest is charged on Monthly compounding basis.
  • 2. Above rebate is applicable, only if up to date interest is paid on the loan. Otherwise base interest rate will be charged.
  • 3. Loan tenure of all our schemes except (IPL, MOS, ZIL and MES) is 360 days. For MOS and IPL tenure is 12 months. For MES and ZIL (EMI scheme) tenure varies from 6 to 36 months.
  • 4. *Minimum loan amount required under MOS scheme for Rest of India branches are Rs.2 L.


SL No. Type of Charges Corporate Rate of Charges Applicable
1 Service charges -Fresh loan- Rate applicable on loan amount(IPL/MHL/MHP) Southern Branches IPL-1% ( For 12 months period only), MHL & MHP-0.5%
Rest of India MHL-Below Rs.10 L-1%, Rs.10 L but below Rs. 25 L-0.5% and Rs.25 L and above - 0.25% , MHP-0.5%
2 Service charges -Fresh loan- Rate applicable per account(ZIL/MOS) All ZIL-Rs.50/loan and MOS-Rs.1500/account (For renewals within 12 months Rs.750/account)
3 Security charges- Fresh loan Rest of India 0.15% of loan amount- Minimum Rs.50/- and Maximum Rs.600/-
4 Token charges- Fresh loan (For schemes except given in Sl no.1 & 2) Southern Branches Loan up to Rs.10000/- -->Rs.10/- and Above Rs.10000/- -->Rs.20/- (For digital transfer , charges not applicable)
5 SMS charges Southern Branches Rs.2/per transaction at the time of closure or renewal
Rest of India Rs.5/per transaction at the time of closure or renewal
6 Notice Charges (Applicable for loans under all schemes) Southern Branches 3 ordinary notice Rs.10/each and 4th notice-Registered - Rs.70/-
Rest of India 3 ordinary notice Rs.30/each and 4th notice-Registered- Rs.100/- Auction Notice charges Rs.120/-
7 Token lost charges (Applicable for loans under all schemes) All Rs.25/-(in addition to cost of stamp paper applicable)
8 Stamp duty levied by State Governments States Karnataka , Andhra and Rajasthan Actuals where ever applicable

Gold Loan Schemes

Scheme Slab Periods Rate of Interest

*Please understand the amount of interest is only suggestive. it depends upon the purity and quality of gold

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  • What is a Gold Loan?

    A gold loan is a loan which is secured against gold ornaments. A borrower pledges their gold ornaments with the lender in exchange for funds. Therefore, it is a loan which is granted against a certain physical security of gold. Gold loans have successfully enabled thousands of people to mobilize their personal assets, which would've otherwise simply been kept away in a locker.

  • What are the benefits of talking a Gold Loan from Muthoot Finance Ltd.?

    Customer oriented Services
    Quick Loan disbursal
    Avail minimum loan amount of Rs. 1500 and no maximum limit
    Pre-payment option-without any penalty
    Minimal documentation
    In-house gold evaluation
    Prompt customer service with in a shorter response time
    Strong rooms for safe custody of gold ornaments

  • Who is eligible to avail a Gold Loan?

    Any major Indian citizen can borrow. All they need to provide are the gold ornaments and the required documents.

  • What type of security do I need to provide? Do I need a guarantor?

    The only security which is required from the customer’s end in order to avail a gold loan from Muthoot Finance Ltd. is the very gold they will pledge. There is no need for an external/third party guarantor for the same. The loan will be sanctioned against the gold pledged.

  • What is the minimum/maximum tenure of the gold loan?

    The minimum tenure for our gold loan is 7 days and the maximum tenure is 12 months ( Normal Schemes) and 36 months ( EMI based Scheme)., Each loan has a different tenure (please refer to table below).

  • What type of gold can I pledge to avail the gold loan?

    You can pledge any type of gold jewellery/gold ornaments with us. This includes items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, 'Polki' sets, pendants, 'Kardahs', etc.

  • How can I repay my loan? What different options are available for the repayment?

    You can repay the loan at any of our branches by cash, debit cards or cheque. (credit cards and demand drafts are not accepted). You can also repay the loan online by our Online Webpay facility or iMuthoot mobile application. To visit our Online Webpay facility click here.

  • Where do I repay my loan? Can partial repayment be made towards the gold loan?

    The loan can be repaid at any Muthoot Finance Branch, irrespective of the location. Muthoot Finance’s CBS system is implemented in all branches and allows the customers to repay their loans from any branch. However, the final collection of the pledged gold will have to be from the initial branch where it was pledged.

    Yes, you can make partial payment along with interest at any branch of Muthoot Finance/ Online on our website. For e.g., if one has a gold loan of a lakh rupees for a period of 3 months,. he/she may come on the 20th day from the start of the loan and pay 20 days interest and an additional Rs.10000.00 (part payment)., Then, this additional amount will be fully adjusted from the principal amount, and from the 21st day the interest will be charged on Rs.90000.00

  • How and when can I get back the pledged gold jewellery/ornaments?

    The gold which you pledge with us will be given back to you after the loan and the complete amount has been repaid. Failure to repay the loan will result in Muthoot Finance Ltd. reluctantly auctioning off the same. The borrower will be given periodical reminders for payment of overdue interest and after the tenure of loan, a final Notice before the auction. As mentioned earlier, the pledged gold has to be collected from the branch where it was initially pledged and stored.

  • What is the minimum limit on your gold loan?

    The minimum amount of our gold loan range is Rs.1500

  • Is my Gold jewellery/ornaments safe with Muthoot Finance Ltd.?

    Yes it is. We understand the sentiment attached to your ornaments and therefore we have installed specialized safe rooms and CCTV cameras for round the clock surveillance in all of our 4500 plus branches. The gold items pledged with Muthoot Finance Ltd. are entered into our systems and all submissions are locked away in tamper proof packaging.

  • What is the maximum limit on the gold loan?

    There is no maximum limit.

  • How can I apply for a Gold Loan with Muthoot Finance Ltd.

    In order to receive funds against your gold ornaments with Muthoot Finance Ltd., you will have to walk into any of our branches and inform the customer care executive of the same. The executive will then help you fill out a KYC form and guide you through the rest of the process.

  • How much can I expect for my gold?

    This depends on the rate of gold on that date and the purity of gold in the ornaments. This answer can be best answered by your Nearest Muthoot Finance Branch..

  • I need some more information, how can I contact Muthoot Finance Ltd.?

    You can reach us at 1800 313 1212, or click here for contact us page.You can also voice your concerns on our Facebook page and Twitter handle.

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We are India's No.1 - Most Trusted Financial Services Brand, according to the Brand Trust Report 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016 consecutively. We are also the largest Gold Financing Company in India in terms of loan portfolio, according to the 2015 update to the IMaCS Research & Analytics Industry Reports, Gold Loans Market in India, 2015 ("IMaCS Industry Report, (2015 Update)"). We provide personal and business loans secured by gold jewellery, or Gold Loans, primarily to individuals who possess gold jewellery but could not access formal credit within a reasonable time-frame, or to whom credit may not be available at all, to meet unanticipated or other short-term liquidity requirements.

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