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To create a social impact nationwide by constantly giving back to the community by identifying and facilitating growth in areas which are less privileged.


To create change where it is needed most – among India’s less privileged and to demonstrate our beliefs through an integrated social program that seeks social inclusion.

The Muthoot M George Foundation operates to provide assistance to the weaker sections of the society, assistance for medical treatment, marriage and also assists in medical researches and environmental living etc.

The Foundation’s activities are divided in to 4 sections:

  • Environmental Development
  • Projects in Public Interest
  • Socio – economic Development of the poor and underprivileged
  • Relief & Rehabilitation work during and after natural calamities and disasters


At Muthoot Finance Ltd,our Corporate Social Responsibility policy will carry out it’s activities in the economic development, society progress and environmental hazards with the and core objective of improving quality of life. It has been a constant endeavour of the company to rightfully follow our vision and values up keeping it with good corporate governance to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and society at large.

  • We will do a transparent and a honest business and maintain privacy in handling our stakeholders
  • We will continue to improvise our quality of service for our customers and ensure customer satisfaction at all levels
  • We will work towards in maintaining an employee, customer, and society friendly environment in our day to day activities
  • We shall promote responsible business policies, ethics and uniform standards amongst our stakeholders and investors.
  • We will comply to the all the necessary Human rights and labour policies implemented by the Government and will follow a fair practise code of employment for all our employees
  • We will continue to serve our Community :
  • By introducing social welfare programmes at individual level as well as in public / provate partnerships in an around our area
  • We will continue to protect our environment and protecting ecology and conserve and protect wildlife.
  • By constantly helping our community at times of natural disasters and accidents
  • By encouraging our employees to serve communities by volunteering and by sharing their skills and expertise

The management will commit all the necessary resources required to meet the goals of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in a sustainable manner.


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board consisting of three or more directors, out of which at least one director shall be an independent director. Such CSR committee shall be headed by Independent Director.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee shall —

(a) formulate and recommend to the Board, a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which shall indicate the activities to be undertaken by the company as specified in Schedule VII;

(b) recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred to in clause (a); and

(c) monitor the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the company from time to time.


CSR Committee of Board of Directors may entrust the CSR activities of the Company to Management team as deemed fit and will review the reports as presented to the Committee and approve Budgets in this regard.

Further, all the provision of the Policy will be amended/Complimented/revised by Board of Directors of the Company on basis of recommendation of CSR committee or as per guidelines as may be issued in this regard from time to time.

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