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Digital Transformation Initiatives
Digital Innovation

Digital Initiatives

Alternate Channels

Alternate Channels

  • Chat & WhatsApp Integration: Pioneer convenience, connect on preferred platforms.
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Digital Platform

Digital Platform

  • iMuthoot: Your mobile hub for convenience.
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Know your customer KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • Digitize KYC processes for accuracy and compliance through Aadhaar, PAN ,Voter ID Card etc. validations.
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Bank account Verification

Bank Account Verification

  • Enhance accuracy and eliminate errors using Penny Drop, Bank A/C matching, and Penny Less verification.
Anti money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

  • Detect and prevent suspicious activity with Anti-Money laundering application.
Collection Automation

Collection Automation

  • Streamlined collections via iMuthoot, WebPay and iMcollect.
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Diverse payment Channels

Diverse Payment Channels

  • Empower customers with iMuthoot, enabling swift and secure payments.
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Efficient Loan Identification Through Virtual Account Number

Efficient Loan Identification through virtual account number

  • Simplify payments by utilizing unique loan numbers for easy identification.
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Holistic digital wallet Integration

Holistic Digital Wallet Integration:

  • Expand payment options with BBPS integrated payment system.
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Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker:

  • Boosted sales efficiency with real-time tracking via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Muthoot Sales Buddy app, etc.
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Automated decision Making

Automated Decision Making:

  • Expedited decision making using rule engines.

Bank Account Reconciliation:

  • Optimized efficiency and accuracy with automated Bank account reconciliations.
Campaign Management

Campaign Management:

  • Automated campaigns seamlessly with the launch of Campaign Management System.

Collection Automation:

  • Accelerate collections through eNACH registration and iMCollect mobility automation.
Digitalization of agreement with the Customer

Digitalisation of Agreement with the Customer:

  • Facilitate a paperless agreement process with digital agreements, streamline the lending process, enables faster approvals.
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Digitalisation of bank statement through accounts Aggregator

Digitalisation of Bank Statement through Accounts Aggregator

  • Ensure data accuracy and compliance with the implementation of Account Aggregator.
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Digitalisation of Bank Statement Verification:

  • Improve data accuracy through bank statement verification.
Digitalization of bank statement Verification

Enhanced Underwriting Process:

  • Expedite underwriting via mobility with field investigation & personal discussion reports through Muthoot Ready Money App and Video PD.
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Managing customer Relationship

Managing Customer Relationship:

  • Elevate customer experience with CRM-Omnichannel Integrations for seamless interactions.
Managing Partners

Managing Partners:

  • Streamline lead flow with API integration and secure onboarding through Middleware.
Offer Management

Offer Management:

  • Extend offers via Muthoot Offers WhatsApp Channel and manage collections OBD solutions.
Onboarding through Mobility

Onboarding through Mobility:

  • Digitalize sourcing via the Muthoot Ready Money App for a streamlined onboarding process.
Sourcing of Leads

Sourcing of Leads:

  • Boost lead generation through digital channels like IVR, toll-free numbers, and mobile.

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