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FY 2021-2022

FY 2021-2022

Press release-06.02.2023

Press release-12.08.2022

Press release-10.11.2022

Press release-26.05.2022

Press release-24.05.2022

Pre-payment of ECB-28.03.2023

Analyst Meet-06.02.2023

Analyst Meet-08.11.2022

Analyst Meet-10.08.2022

Analyst Meet II-25.05.2022

Analyst Meet-25.05.2022

Dividend updates-22.04.2022

Change in Directors-01.09.2022

Permission for opening new branches-01.07.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-10.02.2023

Newspaper Advertisement-10.01.2023

Newspaper Advertisement-12.11.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-04.10.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-03.09.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-13.08.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-09.08.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-08.08.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-05.08.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-28.05.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-27.05.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-24.05.2022

Newspaper Advertisement-23.04.2022

Investor Presentation-06.02.2023

Investor Presentation-10.11.2022

Investor Presentation-12.08.2022

Investor Presentation II-26.05.2022

Investor Presentation-26.05.2022

Investment in subsidiary-01.07.2022

Intimation of Record Date-22.03.2023

Earnings Call Transcript-14.02.2023

Earnings Call Transcript-18.11.2022

Earnings Call Transcript-23.08.2022

Earnings Call Transcript-01.06.2022

Corporate Action-Board to consider Dividend-22.03.2023

Corporate Action-Board approves Dividend-18.04.2022

Board to consider interim dividend

Board declares Interim Dividend-18.04.2022

Appointment of Joint Statutory Auditors- 02.09.2022

Allotment of equity shares ESOP-16.03.2023

Allotment of equity shares ESOP-26.12.2022

Allotment of equity shares ESOP-28.09.2022

Allotment of equity shares ESOP-28.06.2022

Execution of Definitive Agreements by Belstar Microfinance Limited

Intimation under Regulation 9 of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015.

FY 2023-2024

CRISIL Rating Jan 2024

ICRA Rating Jan 2024

Allotment of Equity Shares upon exercise of ESOPs - December2023

Acquisition of Additional Shares of Belstar Microfinance Limited

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