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Gold Rate/Price Today in India

India is one of the largest consumers of gold, accounting for approximately a quarter of the global consumption. Investing in gold is not only useful for financial needs but business needs as well. One of the best investments you can make, gold also comes in handy in times of financial assistance as you can avail low-interest loans against your gold jewellery.

The rate of gold in India fluctuates daily. Check out the table given below for today’s gold rate in the country.

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24 Carat Gold Rate Today

24K Rate Per GM
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22 CT, 24 CT Gold Price Today in India

Knowing today’s rate of gold in India is important before investing in it. Often people have the misconception that gold rates change due to an individual factor or the authority that guides them; however, change in the gold rate depends on several aspects. One of the factors that dictate the constant change in the gold rate is the supply of gold. When the supply equation changes, the rate of the gold also changes. Another factor that contributes to the fluctuation of the gold price today is the production cost. If the gold mining companies hike their cost of production, the rate of gold also increases.

Other factors that can affect the live rate and price of gold include international relations, the increase in demand, gold reserve measures, inflation, and economic instabilities.

When it comes to investing in gold in India, there are a plethora of options that you can opt for. However, understanding which option will give you the best returns is important. This, again, will depend on the current gold rate.

Today 22 CT Gold Rate Per gram in India (INR)

Today 24 CT Gold Rate Per gram in India (INR)

22 & 24 CT Gold Rate Per Gram In Last 10 Days

22 CT, 24 CT Gold Rate Today: Factors that Dictate Price

Given the rate today, gold jewellery is a good choice. Another way of investing in gold is in the form of gold coins and bars. They promise high returns because there is no making charge involved. But, while buying the gold coin or gold bar, make sure of its authenticity. Whether you are opting for 22-carat gold coin, 24-carat gold coin, or even a 1 gram gold coin, the price or rate of gold in today’s scenario depends on the market fluctuation. Muthoot Finance is one of the most trusted places to buy gold coins. Here you will get 100% genuine coins at the best rates.

Another option for gold investment is through Gold ETFs where ETF stands for Exchange Trade Fund. Gold Exchange Trade Fund is an individual stock where investments in gold as commodity ETF and its units are listed on the stock exchange. Here, you can purchase gold stock exchange by opening a trading account. Lastly, gold mutual funds are a good investment option as well. They offer great returns and you don’t have to open a trading account for investing. Check the table to know the latest gold rate in India.

22 CT, 24 CT Gold Rate Today: How is Per-Gram Gold Price determined in India?

The rate of gold per gram today in India is determined with the help of the following factors –

International Factors:

These include global economic instability, global development, and rise in the dollar prices against currencies of other nations dictate the present or today’s gold price.


When there is a dip in the value of Indian currency (INR) against the rate of the dollar, the rate of gold in India sees a hike.

Demand for Gold:

Another factor that helps in determining today’s price of gold per one gram in India is the demand for gold. If the demand is high, the rate per gram also goes high.

Rate of Interest:

Lastly, if there is an increase in the rate of interest in foreign countries, the current or today’s rate and price of gold decreases. However, this increases the demand, which eventually increases the per-gram rate of gold.


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