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| April 24, 2024

Health Insurance Options for Business Owners

Health insurance is an arrangement, where the insurance company takes care of the expenses related to medical treatments. For business owners, offering health insurance is a good way to prove that they are employee-welfare oriented which in turn enhances employee retention. Ensuring quality healthcare for employees with different insurance policies implies that you care for employees’ well-being.

Therefore, this thoughtful gesture might as well convince the employees to engage in their task with enthusiasm, for they know the fact that they are taken care of. It is not a mandatory requirement for a small business to offer health insurance to their employees. However, depending on the type there are several benefits of offering health insurance, moreover, it is a common practice in Indian companies.

Regardless of the type or size of business, employees are the main foundation on which businesses stand and thrive. The need to buy health insurance is increasing among business owners who consider their employees as the biggest asset. Employers then need to figure out the budget they are willing to spend and whether to sponsor the plan all by themselves or split costs with employees. This blog further discusses the advantages and types.

What are the Advantages of offering Health Insurance?

  • Employee Retention: As an employer, taking good care of your employees increases the credibility of your organization as a positive working environment. When you buy health insurance for your employees, it demonstrates that you care about them. This may attract new employees, keep them motivated and refrain employees from leaving.
  • Boost Participation & Morale: The idea of give and take could be applied here because we offer our services in exchange for something we need. We deserve better health with some of the best health insurance policies at our disposal. Hence, when offered it may boost employees’ morale and participation in tasks.
  • Reaping Tax Benefits: As per government policies, offering health insurance schemes to your employees may help you save a good amount on taxes. In most cases, taxes can be a burden for small businesses, offering group health insurance can reduce the taxes. Thereby, freeing up funds for the growth and development of your business.
  • Financial Security:Health insurance provides your employees with financial security in case of medical emergencies. They can access quality healthcare without worrying about the financial burden, leading to better recovery and well-being.
  • Improve Reputation: Most small businesses struggle to set themselves apart in the market even after making all kinds of business efforts. When you buy health insurance for your employees, it showcases your financial status. This helps you gain the trust of people and proves that your business is trustworthy.

What Are the Different Types of Health Insurance?

  • Individual Health Insurance: This type of health insurance provides coverage to a single individual. Due to increasing stress levels in corporate life, individual health insurance is best for the future investment of the organization as well as the individual.
  • Group Health Insurance: This is one of the most popular types of health insurance among small businesses. This health insurance policy works in a similar manner as an individual health insurance policy or a family health insurance policy (depending on who all are covered by the same) with the major difference being that the premium is paid by the employer, and the policy benefits end in case the individual leaves the organization.
  • Family Health Insurance: Popularly known as the family floater health insurance policy, this policy covers the surgical and hospitalization expenses of the entire family. For the purpose of a family health insurance policy, a family is defined as the individual, their spouse and their children only.

    The premium paid covers every family member and the insurance limit can be used for any of the family members in a given year. Premiums are determined based on the age of the eldest member in the group, the health history of all members being covered and pre-existing diseases, if any, at the time of first taking the insurance policy.

  • Government Health Insurance: The Indian government has launched several healthcare insurance schemes to provide affordable healthcare. This type of health insurance is best for small businesses as it can be a cost-effective option.

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One needs to be healthy to work at their full potential and everybody deserves better health care irrespective of their designation. Health insurance is a major concern for small business owners as they are limited with funds. However, it is a decision that impacts the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. As a business owner, your job is to assess the needs of your employees and from a wide range of options, choose the one that serves your business requirements.

Muthoot Finance, through its wholly owned subsidiary Muthoot Insurance Brokers, believes in ensuring the best for its customers. Visit your nearest Muthoot Finance branch to learn more about the health insurance options available for small business owners.

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