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Everyday Car Maintenance Tips You Must Follow

  • March 28, 2017
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Proper maintenance of a car doesn’t cost a lot of money, and is quite easy on the pocket unlike the costs you have to bear to get the car fixed. Apart from keeping up the resale value of your car, it is also good for getting the most out of the parts of the car. Here are some periodic maintenance tips to avoid major repair expenses:

Maintain the Tyres

It is important to keep the right air pressure in all the four tyres under your car, and the same goes for the spare tyre. It won’t take much time, but it’s better than realizing your spare tire is no good when you’re pulling the jack from your boot.

Expert Tip – Get the alignment and balancing of all the car tyres, including the spare tyre, done after every 5000 kilometres to reduce unnecessary wear and tear, and get more out of your car tyres.

Change Your Oil in Time

If you don’t change the oil in your car in a timely manner, the dirty oil will keep grinding the engine and causing damage, and may even eventually cause the engine to seize. As soon as the time comes, get the oil changed.

Expert Tip – Oil Change should take place after every 10,000 kms for a petrol engine, and 5000 kms for a diesel engine. Also, prefer fully synthetic engine oil for consistent performance across the lifespan of the oil.

Keep Your Battery Clean

Keep an eye on the battery terminals for corrosion (bluish or white powder) and clean it. Otherwise, the battery could get cracks and may not function properly, stranding you and leaving you with the need to buy a new battery.

Expert Tip – Always understand the effect of aftermarket electrical modifications on your car’s battery before proceeding with it. Also, clean the battery terminals only with distilled water.

Replace the Brake Pads When Required

You obviously don’t need to be told about the importance of brakes in a car. If you start hearing squealing sounds when you break, your brake pads might be worn out. It might require some time to get these replaced, but it can really come to your aid in instances of panic braking.

Expert Tip – Measure the life-cycle of a brake pad from the moment it has been changed to the moment it first starts squealing. That is your ideal interval to change your car’s brake pads.

Keep an Eye on the Wipers

Clean debris off your wiper blades regularly. This debris can scratch your windscreen and will hamper the cleaning ability, giving you poor visibility, which of course can prove to be bad. Similarly, for the same reasons, also keep an eye on the rubber parts of the blades, to make sure they are in good condition and replace if they look frayed or stop removing water completely.

Expert Tip – Change your car wipers every season before the monsoon begins. Also, mix 1/3rd of glass cleaner with 2/3rds of filtered water, to use as wiper fluid for better cleaning of your car’s windshield.

Listen to Your Alternator Belt

Squealing noises are never good, so if you here one when you accelerate, it could be the alternator belt. The belt could simply be wet or it could have worn out. So, give the belt some time to dry and if the sound persists, go get it replaced.

Expert Tip – Driving with a squealing alternator belt is never ideal, so get the issue checked as soon as it comes to your notice. Why? Because if an alternator belt comes off while driving, it might result in the battery not getting charged which in turn results in the engine getting stalled.

The more attentive and proactive you are with your car’s every day maintenance, the less money you will have to spend in the long run.

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