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| February 13, 2023

International Women’s Day: Thoughtful Gifts for Your Woman

Throughout the ages, our society’s stereotype of a woman is one of someone who is born to make sacrifices and play the role of being the primary caregiver. Her dreams, desires, and aspirations weren’t given much importance. However, with changing times women have proved that they could excel in any field they choose. And International Women’s Day celebrates this spirit of never giving up. Not that they need a gift on Women’s Day but a token of appreciation surely boosts their confidence. Be it the traditional streams or entrepreneurship, gifting ideas for Women’s Day should echo the essence of being a woman of today. A little bit of thought and consideration into getting a praiseworthy Women’s Day gift will be much appreciated.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

Gold Coins: Most women love gold but the modern woman might not like the idea of receiving gold jewellery that will be relegated to bank lockers. She might be more interested in the inherent value of gold. And what could be a better choice than gold coins? They are timeless, made with the purest form of gold, and have given great returns historically. The special lady can utilize them to convert into jewellery later or sell them off for cash, as per her requirement and preference. Available in the popular denominations of 1 gram, 2 gram, 5 gram, 8 gram, and 10 gram, gold coins make for a classic and memorable Women’s Day gift.

Support her Dreams: If your special woman is a budding entrepreneur, support her ambitions by contributing to a business fund for her startup. A business requires capital to run and a little help from you will help her soar higher. You could help her apply for one of the many government-backed business loan schemes for women. Women entrepreneurs in India are doing some exemplary work; all they need is support and an enabling environment.

Health Insurance: Without making it too obvious, women are the drivers of a family. She cares for everyone in the family, sometimes even ignoring herself. Most Indian women grapple with a deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals; more so when she gets older. A family floater Health Insurance cover could take care of her entire family including herself. Taking care of the health and medical needs of a woman that means so much to you is a wonderful idea as a Women’s Day gift.

Donate to a Charitable Cause: If your special person is someone who deeply cares about the underprivileged and is involved in charitable causes; celebrate her values this International Women’s Day. Do some research on the charities she supports and make a generous contribution to the cause. We are sure she would appreciate you championing her beliefs.

Kindle Subscription: Getting to devour a fantastic book is bliss and if your woman is a book lover, a Kindle subscription will surely bring a smile to her face. All you have to do is log in to your Amazon account. Then, visit the Kindle Unlimited gifting page on Amazon. Choose the duration for the gift from the 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month options.

Ignite Creativity: Women are full of creativity and if your special lady is a creative person at heart, encouraging her passion will be the best gift for her on Women’s Day. Find out more about what she loves and curate a hamper to enable her to pursue her passion. If she likes gardening, you could include gardening tools, manure packs, saplings, seeds, etc. It will also be a test of how well you know her and what she likes.

Prepaid Gift Cards: If you are still unsure of what she likes or if you are pressed for time, a prepaid gift card is the easiest thing to get for Women’s Day 2023. She can use the card as per her needs- for a vacation, home utilities, or personal needs.


This International Women’s Day, try to avoid conventional gifting ideas. The purpose is to devote time to get to know your special woman better and come up with an idea rather than a product for gifting on Women’s Day.

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