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| April 28, 2024

No Income Proof? Here's How to Still Get a Personal Loan Online

Many times you might need to meet your financial obligations but the lack of funds can be a hurdle on the way. Adding to it, many individuals do not have income proof to be eligible for a personal loan. What most people don't know is that they can get a personal loan online or offline without income proof as many alternatives to it can get them the loan without any hassle. The lenders are mostly concerned if the borrower is capable of paying off the loan amount and if that is the case, any lender would be happy to offer a personal loan.

What is a Personal Loan and Its Purpose?

A personal loan is a type of unsecured credit that allows individuals to fulfil their financial obligations without pledging any collateral. This loan can cover expenses including medical bills, home renovation costs, going on a vacation, funding a small business, and much more.

Whenever there is a sudden need for funds, a personal loan is always helpful as it is quickly disbursed, offers flexible repayment tenures, needs minimal paperwork, etc. Nowadays, you can conveniently get a personal loan online from the comfort of your home. With a simple process and easy steps, you can get financial assistance for your immediate needs.

Is Personal Loan for Everyone?

Ideally, anyone can get a personal loan without any hassle as it is an unsecured loan with an easy process. However, people who are self-employed often find it difficult to get a personal loan without income proof. With loan providers like Muthoot Finance, you are eligible for a personal loan as their loans are designed to provide maximum flexibility and convenience to the borrowers. You can get an instant personal loan without income proof by providing your financial documents that show your income stability so the lender can know that you are capable of promptly repaying the loan amount. This concludes that a personal loan is for everyone if they can pay back the loan amount on time.

How to Get a Personal Loan without Income Proof?

It is possible to take a personal loan without income proof by choosing one of the following options:

Opt for a joint loan

Applying for a personal loan online without income proof is very simple if you opt for a joint loan. For instance, if you have a joint account with your spouse and you decide to take a personal loan then the loan provider can consider their income proof or creditworthiness. In case your partner has a high credit score and also has income proof, then getting a personal loan becomes very easy. Additionally, you can avail attractive interest rates on your loan based on your spouse's high CIBIL.

Show rental income or bank statement

People who are not salaried employees often come up with the question "Can I get a personal loan without a salary slip?". The answer to this is yes, you can easily get a personal loan from a reputed loan provider by presenting your bank statement that shows a stable income source. This can include either your rental income or proof of your monthly earnings if you are a self-employed individual.

Have a good credit score

Having a high credit score can easily land you a personal loan at affordable interest rates. You can even apply for a personal loan online without income proof if you have a CIBIL score of more than 750. You can improve your credit score by paying your credit bills on time, managing existing debts, and limiting credit utilisation. Once you achieve a good credit score, the lender might not push you to provide income proof.

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Guarantor for the loan

A great way to get an instant personal loan without income proof is by taking the help of a guarantor to take the loan. A guarantor is an individual who takes the responsibility of paying off the debt if the borrower is unable to make timely payments of the loan amount. Make sure you choose a reliable person as a guarantor so you don't face any complications in the loan process. You can ask your friends or family members to be your guarantor if you want to take a personal loan without income proof.

Offer collateral

Usually, a personal loan is unsecured and does not require any collateral. However, you can offer your loan provider an asset that can work as collateral for your loan. This will allow the loan provider to overlook the absence of income proof, offering you a personal loan at affordable interest rates.

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