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| June 24, 2021

Before You Choose The Best Mutual Fund Plan for Investment in 2021


First Understand How Mutual Funds Work

One of the most preferred choices of investment; mutual funds are plans where an asset management company gathers reserves from various individuals or institutional investors with the same objectives for investment. Here, the fund manager makes acquisitions like stocks and bonds that are in terms of securities and on par with the investment mandate. Mutual funds’ investment plans are an amazing option for investors who are looking to get exposure to portfolio management by experts. The investors would be further allocated units of funds that will be based on the amount they invest with the company. Each investor may be subjected to experiencing profits as well as losses that may be directly proportional to the fund amount of their investment. A mutual fund investment strategy and performance depends on the underlying assets. However, the main intention here is that the fund manager provides premium returns to the investors by investing in the securities that they obtain, provided the securities are in sync with the objectives of the investment.

Unlike the other types of investment plans, a mutual fund is not subjected to only a particular share. A mutual fund plan invests across various investment options that offer investors the best and optimum returns. Adding to this, investors don’t have to worry about their research on picking the most effective performing stocks; the mutual fund manager along with a team of analysts and market researchers does the work for you. They choose the stocks or any other instruments concerning an investment that are performing well in the market and have the potential of offering higher returns.

Apart from this, the investors investing in mutual funds don’t need to worry about the absorption risk as the fund manager alleviates the risk by capitalising across other instruments. This mutual fund investment strategy, in turn, makes your investment portfolio diversified without having to stress about any of the risks.

The fund unit that is given to the mutual fund investor has a price, which is known as the net asset value or the NAV. It is the price at which investors can buy or sell the fund units, provided they are on par with the mutual fund scheme. The net asset value of a mutual fund is calculated by dividing the total number of assets that are given in the portfolio, minus the liabilities. The mutual fund units are bought and sold at the principal of the net asset value (NAV).

Making Your Choice in Mutual Funds

In India, mutual fund investments are available in different types like equity funds, balanced mutual funds, debt funds, and so on that are dependent on the allocation of the assets and exposure to the equity. The concentrated risk and possible returns that the mutual fund is subjected to also depends on its type. With so many options available, sometimes, it becomes a task to choose the best type of mutual fund for investment.

  • Large-Cap Funds

    These are equity mutual funds that invest in equity or instruments that are linked to equity of organisations that have large market capitalisation. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), large capitalisation or large-cap companies are those that rank from 1 to 100 in market capitalisation. It is said that equity mutual fund investment in large-cap organisations will be approximately 80% of the total assets; the rest is at the discretion of the fund manager. Large-cap equity funds are touted as safe bets as they have the least instability in the share prices during market fluctuations. If you are investing for the first time or have conservative sharing equities, this is the best 2021 mutual fund investment strategy for you.

  • Balanced Mutual Funds

    Another type of investment plan for 2021 is balanced mutual funds. They are also known as hybrid mutual funds as they allow investment across equity and debt instruments. In this mutual fund investment plan, the main objective is to give investors a balanced risk and return ratio by expanding their portfolio. The fund manager is in charge of modifying the allocation of the assets that will depend on the market conditions. This helps in ensuring that the investors are given the best benefits while the risk levels are reduced to a great extent. One of the best mutual funds for 2021, balanced or hybrid mutual funds helps in giving you a beneficial exposure across both the equity and debt instruments.

  • Mid-Cap Funds

    Yet another mutual fund plan where you can invest in 2021 without a second thought is the mid-cap fund. These are a type of equity mutual fund investment where you are subjected to primarily investing in equity or instruments that are linked to equity of companies that have medium market capitalisation. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the mid-capitalisation or mid-cap companies are those that rank from 101 to 250 in market capitalisation. In mid-cap funds, approximately 65% of the total assets will be invested. This type of mutual fund investment strategy is the best for those with long-term investment goals.

Other than this, investors can also choose from other mutual fund plans for 2021 like flexi-cap funds, small-cap funds, a combination of large-cap and mid-cap funds, thematic funds, and so on. Investments are important as they help you during financial needs, which can be short-term or long-term. Make sure that you choose the mutual fund investment plan for 2021 that benefits you the best. At the end of the day, product and market knowledge is power when it comes to investing in mutual funds.

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