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| September 30, 2021

Documents Required to Apply for Muthoot Gold Loan

Gold loans are a quick and secure way to get funds for personal needs. The loan is secured by the lender, which typically represents a percentage of the fold’s value, depending on the scheme, and attracts regular interest until the loan is completely paid off and the gold assets are returned.

Muthoot Finance is one of the highly reputed gold loan providers in the country, with pan Indian reach and trust in its name. With multiple gold schemes that provide borrowers with the flexibility to get funds for their immediate financial needs, Muthoot Finance offers a pleasant experience while getting a gold loan in India

What is a Gold Loan?

When you apply for a Gold Loan, you essentially take a loan in lieu of gold ornaments, such as gold jewellery and ornaments, which is secured by the lender. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to gather funds for your financial needs. The purity of the gold, its rate on that day and other important factors impact the loan amount when you take a loan against gold jewellery or ornaments.

In situations when the borrower is in urgent need of money, a gold loan becomes a good option to avail the required sum of money against sufficient gold assets for a quick and easy loan disbursal, which would not be possible through formal credit processes. There is no requirement of a good credit history to avail a gold loan and the paperwork involved is also minimal because the collateral is the gold asset itself.

Gold Loan from Muthoot Finance

When you take a gold loan from Muthoot Finance, you embark on a journey to financial freedom with India's No.1 Most Trusted Financial Services Brand. According to the Brand Trusted Report, Muthoot Finance has been leading this title for 5 years straight, from 2016 to 2020, and is destined to become India’s best financial institution.

Gold loans from Muthoot Finance ensure complete customer satisfaction, quick loan disbursals, attractive rates of interest and an easy process all the way. This is the reason Muthoot Finance holds India’s largest gold loan portfolio.

Through our range of Gold Loan Schemes, we practice enhanced control, scalability, and faster response times to meet the evolving needs of our customers, for individuals who possess gold jewellery but cannot access formal credit within a reasonable timeframe, or for whom credit may not be available at all.

Features of Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

  • India’s most trusted financial institution for loans against gold assets

  • Easy and transparent processes

  • Quick loan disbursal times

  • Minimum loan amount of ₹1500 with no maximum limit

  • Wide range of schemes available that suit all your needs

  • Pre and part payment options available

  • In-house gold evaluation facility available

  • Minimal documentation required

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Documents

Muthoot finance only requires basic Know Your Customer or KYC documents for gold loans, such as identity proof and address proof. Documents required for a gold loan do not require individuals to submit their income proof or CIBIL score report for loan approval.

Documents required for Muthoot Finance gold loan include:

  • Loan Application - Carefully explaining the reason and the need for which the loan is being asked for. Please note that all the details should be correctly mentioned here as per the requirement.

  • Demand Promissory Note and take the delivery letter – Financial instrument which legally binds the borrower to pay the lender the specified sum of money on a specified date, or on-demand.

  • Terms and Conditions Letter – This includes the declarations and undertakings by the borrower as well as acknowledgement by him, along with any other documents that may be specified by the company.

  • Applicant’s consent to obtain Aadhaar details for authentication with UIDAI for the ‘eKYC’ process.

  • Proof of Identity – Any one of the following: Passport/PAN/Driving License/Voter ID card/Ration Card/ Aadhar Card or any other identity card issued by a government authority, PSU or nationalized bank, containing the photograph of the customer.

  • Proof of Address – Any one of the following: Ration card/latest electricity/landline telephone bills/bank passbook/bank/ Aadhar Card or any other documents issued by a government authority, PSU or nationalized bank, containing the address of the customer.

If any of the documents submitted as identity proof also contain the address of the applicant, then no separate address proof is required. Please note that ‘proof of income’ is not a part of the mandatory documents required for a gold loan from Muthoot Finance.

These are the documents usually required for gold loan in Muthoot finance. Depending on the individual’s needs and application, there might be a need to submit further gold loan documents to Muthoot Finance on a case-by-case basis.

Multiple Options

When you take a gold loan from Muthoot Finance, there is no dearth of options available to you which would suit your needs the best.

Choose from a wide range of gold loan schemes: Muthoot One Percent Loan, Muthoot Premier Loan, Muthoot Ultimate Loan (MUL), Muthoot Delight Loan and more.

Loan disbursal options include: Instant cash, pre-paid VISA card or direct online credit.

To pay back the loan amount, you can make use of any one of the following digital payment methods: POS/swipe machines at Muthoot Finance outlets, Muthoot online and Muthoot Mobile App.

Guaranteed Safety

Muthoot Finance ensures the utmost safety of the customer’s gold assets, jewellery and ornaments and realizes the sentimental value attached to them. Gold assets are placed in tamper-proof packaging and locked away in a safe room which is monitored by CCTV cameras around the clock.

Applying for a gold loan from Muthoot Finance is not just easy but also secure. Borrowers require minimal documents for a gold loan and can get the money they need quickly and easily with just a few simple steps.

You can put your gold to good use by taking a good loan to expand your business or meeting several other requirements. Do it with confidence with a Muthoot Finance Gold Loan. Click here to apply for a Gold Loan or visit your nearest Muthoot Finance branch.

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