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| March 27, 2023

Facing an Emergency Cash Crisis? Here are quick tips to apply for a doorstep gold loan.

The recent pandemic showed how the world can change in the blink of an eye. Millions of people lost their jobs and businesses and that led them into a debt trap. With the loss of income, many people needed immediate funds to sustain themselves. The upside of this terrible situation was that Indians discovered how their gold articles can be used to generate cash in the form of a gold loan. Loan against gold which was already popular provided individuals with money to fulfill financial emergencies. Online gold loans were already being offered by many lenders. However, gold loan pioneers like Muthoot Finance took the gold loan process to the next level by offering gold loans at your doorstep. With just a few easy steps, a doorstep gold loan is sanctioned after completing all the formalities of the gold loan from the comfort of your home.

What is a Doorstep Gold Loan?

A doorstep gold loan means availing of a gold loan from the confines of your home. It is a step forward from the online gold loan facility. You can calculate your loan eligibility through online Gold Loan EMI and Gold Loan interest rate calculators. Your loan application is also submitted online. However, for the valuation of your gold and documentation, you have to visit the nearest branch.

When you apply for a Gold Loan at Home scheme, you are not required to step out of your home. Just apply online for a Gold Loan at Doorstep and schedule an appointment. A designated executive shall visit your home, value your gold articles, check your eligibility criteria and guide you through the documentation process. And within no time, the loan amount is credited to your bank account. A gold loan availed from home is no different than a regular offline or online gold loan; only the process differs. The gold loan interest rate, eligibility criteria, tenure, etc remains the same. The gold loan at home facility is a boon for customers who are either pressed for time or are unable to visit a branch for some reason.

How to Apply for a Doorstep Gold loan?

You can easily apply for a Gold Loan at Home service with the help of a computer or a smartphone.

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow:-

  • Step 1: Visit the website or mobile application of the lender offering the Gold Loan at Doorstep facility to book an appointment.

  • Step 2: A designated executive is assigned to you who visits your home to apprise you of the available schemes and offers. He shall help you select the most suitable gold loan scheme, including the interest rate of the gold loan, gold loan EMI, etc.

  • Step 3: The executive values the to-be-pledged gold articles in your presence. He will then carry out additional due diligence checks.

  • Step 4: The executive guides you in completing the necessary documentation for the gold loan at your doorstep scheme.

  • Step 5: After completing all formalities, the executive will send a request for loan approval. Post approval, the gold loan amount is disbursed into your account.

  • Step 6: The gold articles are safely transported from your home to the gold loan branch for safekeeping in a highly-secure vault.

One thing to note here is that some lenders have an upper cap on the Doorstep Gold Loan amount. Make sure to enquire about it beforehand.

Benefits of a Gold Loan at Home Service

So, why should one opt for a gold loan at your doorstep service? The reasons are many.


A doorstep gold loan does away with having to physically visit a branch to avail of a loan against gold. This is especially beneficial for those who want to save time travelling or are unable to visit for any reason.


Transporting valuable gold articles to a gold loan branch for a valuation could be cumbersome and risky. This risk is eliminated by the executive who completes the valuation process at your home.

Trained Staff:

The staff is properly trained on the process of apprising customers of doorstep gold loan features, gold valuation, gold transportation, and safekeeping and loan disbursal, among others.

Why Should You Opt For Muthoot Finance Doorstep Gold Loan?

us has only gotten stronger. You can avail of a gold loan by visiting the nearest branch, applying for an online gold loan, or choosing our latest offering - the Doorstep Gold Loan. This scheme allows you to enjoy all the perks of a loan against gold without stepping outside.

Its key features and benefits include:

  • Maximum value for your gold.
  • Free insurance for your gold.
  • Pre and part payment part release and digital payment facilities.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Trained and in-house staff.
  • Instant credit of loan amount.

Get the maximum loan amount on your gold by applying for Muthoot Finance Gold Loan at Home. Schedule your appointment today!

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