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| May 10, 2024

Hallmark Gold vs KDM Gold vs 916 Gold: A Comprehensive Comparison

Gold, a cherished part of Indian culture, also serves a practical purpose as a financial safety net through gold loans. In times of financial exigencies, individuals can check the prevailing gold loan rate and avail of a reliable funding source for various expenses such as healthcare, education, weddings or business ventures.

However, a lender evaluates the purity of the gold asset being pledged to avail of the best interest rates and gold-to-loan ratio. Hence, understanding the difference between each type of gold is important.

Read on as we delve into the three types of gold: Hallmark Gold, KDM Gold, and 916 Gold. We will compare them based on their purity, manufacturing process, and market value. This information will help you make an informed decision about buying hallmark gold based on today's gold rate.

What is Hallmark Gold?

If you have ever noticed the hallmark stamp engraved on your gold jewellery, it indicates that it is aligned with the standards set by BIS. What is BIS? The Bureau of Indian Standards, or BIS, is an authoritative body responsible for certifying and hallmarking gold items in the massive gold market in India. It safeguards buyers from purchasing impure or adulterated gold.

The BIS certification on gold items guarantees authenticity and purity, which helps buyers with the assurance of the gold they purchase. The type of gold is available in various purity levels, which include 22 karat (916), 18 karat (750) and 14 karat (585), among others. Individuals can check the ‘hallmark gold rate today’ and make an informed decision.

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How to Check Hallmark on Gold?

To make it easier to identify hallmarked gold among various other types of gold, one needs to look for the BIS logo and hallmark stamp engraved on the gold jewellery. This is the first sign of gold authenticity any buyer must check. Alongside the stamp, one can check for a number, which indicates the purity of the gold item, where 916 denotes 22 karat, 750 denotes 18 karat, and 585 denotes 14 karat.

To understand it better, say you wish to purchase 22-carat hallmark gold according to today's gold rate; you need to check for the BIS and hallmark stamp on the gold item. No matter how small the gold item you purchase, the BIS and Hallmark stamps are always present if you buy it from a trusted seller.

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What is KDM Gold?

KDM, also known as Cadmium soldered gold, is another type of gold most commonly used in traditional jewellery making. KDM stands for Kadmium, which refers to the soldering process used to combine intricate pieces of traditional jewellery. 92% gold and 8% cadmium are used in the jewellery-making process, hence the name. Unlike Hallmark gold, KDM does not always have BIS certification, but it is widely accepted in India due to its traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

In addition, gold artisans used a mixture of gold and cadmium to attain a high purity of gold. Although the mixture did not affect the purity of the gold, it caused severe health issues for the artisans working with KDM gold; hence, it has now been banned by BIS. Currently, cadmium is mixed with zinc and other materials, which does not compromise the health of the artisans and the purity of the gold.

How Pure is KDM Gold?

KDM gold is ideally sold in 22 karat, which indicates 91.67% pure gold mixed with other materials to beautify the gold item. To make the gold jewellery, artisans divide gold alloy into proportions and then add cadmium to perform the soldering process. The mixture is 92% gold and 8% other material, making it suitable for crafting intricate jewellery designs.

What is 916 Gold?

916, 91.6%, or 22 karat, is a type of gold alloy popularly used in gold jewellery making. Here, 916 indicates the purity of the gold, with 91.6 of the metal being pure gold and the remaining 8.4% consisting of other materials, such as copper, silver, and zinc.

The purity of 916 gold makes it highly valued for its rich gold colour and suitability for making intricate traditional jewellery designs. In India, gold items with 916 gold are widely used for investment purposes, as they retain their value over time. At times of financial emergencies, 916 gold typically gives higher gold-to-loan value to borrowers in gold loans.

Check the hallmarked gold price today through reputed financial news websites or other trusted sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How to Identify 916 Gold?

To identify gold items with 916 gold, always ensure the following:

  • Look for a hallmark stamp
  • Verify the purity stamp
  • Check for lustre and gold colour
  • Assess the weight
  • Consult a jeweller at times of doubt

In conclusion, hallmark gold, KDM gold, and 916 gold each have unique characteristics and importance in the expansive Indian gold market. When it comes to leveraging the value of gold assets, trust Muthoot Finance for all your financial needs. Renowned for its expert capabilities in providing the best gold loans, Muthoot Finance, with its comprehensive portfolio, helps individuals unlock the full potential of their gold assets, turning prospects into satisfied customers while securing financial stability as and when required.

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