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| May 23, 2022

Health Insurance For Smokers: Everything You Need To Know

Finding an economical health insurance policy with appropriate coverage is a difficult process. Getting the correct health insurance for smokers, on the other hand, is an entirely other matter. It is a fallacy that if you smoke, no insurance company will agree to give you insurance coverage. However, this is not the case, as health insurance policies for smokers are accessible. However, the premium for such policies is typically greater than for other plans. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about insurance policies as a smoker.

Smokers Health Insurance

It is sometimes assumed that if you smoke, your health insurance will be restricted and give limited coverage. That, however, is not the case. One can obtain a comprehensive policy that provides extensive coverage and may also cover severe diseases. Insurance companies recognise that smokers are more likely to become ill than non-smokers. Given this, the insurance premium is somewhat higher. However, this should not prevent you from obtaining comprehensive health insurance coverage for yourself and your family. It may appear that smoking and health insurance coverage are incompatible. However, insurance companies have created health insurance plans that provide access to quality health insurance while paying slightly higher health insurance premiums.

How Can a Smoker Get a Health Insurance?

Tobacco users are defined as anyone who uses nicotine in any form, according to insurance companies. As a result, if you smoke, insurance companies may require you to take a medical exam in order to calculate your health insurance rate. You may also be questioned about your smoking habits and nicotine use over a certain time period by the best health insurance companies in India. They might also ask how many cigarettes you smoke and if you've been diagnosed with any smoking-related medical conditions.

In addition to the health condition, health insurance firms examine the age and the sum promised when determining the best health insurance plans for smokers. As a smoker, you must declare it to your insurance provider before purchasing the coverage in order to avoid claim rejection or dispute. The premium will be determined by the severity of your health issues as well as any pre-existing diseases or disorders such as diabetes or hypertension. Once the insurance firm has determined your smoking habits and health status, they will offer health insurance options and premiums.

Smokers With Pre-Existing Health Conditions

If an individual has pre-existing health insurance (such as diabetes or hypertension), whether or not it is connected to their smoking, insurers may request further medical testing to disclose any health conditions. The premium will then be determined depending on the severity of these health issues. Furthermore, there will be a 1–4 year waiting time before these pre-existing conditions are covered. While this time is the same for both smokers and non-smokers, some conditions may be excluded from smokers' life insurance.

Why Smokers Should Get a Health Insurance?

Just like other types of health insurance, it is essential that a smoker get health insurance. Many smokers worry that insurers will reject applications if all future problems are deemed to be the result of smoking. This is a pointless concern. Make true and clear disclosures and submit them to the medical exam. A smoker must protect himself from crucial illnesses that may occur as a result of his smoking habit in the future. If you have been dishonest, including failing to update your lifestyle changes, insurers will deny your claims. The claim settlement process, however, remains the same for both smokers and nonsmokers. Insurers learn about an individual's smoking status primarily through self-declaration at the time of insurance procurement.

How a Health Insurance is Beneficial for Smokers?

Health insurance is a rescuer during a medical emergency, and getting the best health insurance for smokers makes sure that it covers most of the medical expenses. The following are a few benefits of getting health insurance for smokers:

  • During a medical emergency, immediate cashless hospitalisation is provided.

  • It covers expenditures spent before and after hospitalisation.

  • No-hassle claim settlements

  • Annual physical examinations

  • It covers pre-existing conditions.

  • It covers ambulance costs.

It is not too late to apply for a health insurance policy if you are a smoker. Having medical insurance coverage with higher premiums is preferable to having nothing to safeguard you financially during a medical emergency. When speaking with the insurer, make sure to be completely honest about your smoking habits and don't hide anything just to avoid paying a higher premium. Proper and timely disclosures can go a long way toward protecting your health and the future of your loved ones. Muthoot Finance is one of the most reputable and trusted companies in India that offers health insurance. In order to learn more, you can visit the nearest branch in your city.

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