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| March 5, 2023

Holi Gift Ideas: Make your Holi festivities extra special with these thoughtful Gifts

When we think of people near and dear to us, their happiness becomes important to us. And what better way to make our special ones feel special than to surprise them with a gift this Holi? Holi is not just a festival, but an explosion of colours and excitement. It marks the onset of spring, with summer not too far behind. However, at times we run out of Holi gifting ideas for family and friends and end up buying the usual ones. So, how about investing in an exciting Holi Hamper idea that everyone will love? Or, a gift that can help and support them in times of need? For the most significant people in your life, a Holi gift with financial value ticks all the right boxes. Holi hamper ideas need not be too complicated with a wide range of options available. And this thoughtfulness will be appreciated and creates a positive impact on the people around you.

What to Gift Loved Ones this Holi?

Holi means the season of love, laughter, and merriment. The festivities all around make us gather all our favourite people and shower them with reasons to cheer. And a gift chosen with care and thoughtfulness is the perfect way to make them feel special. This time around, let go of the mundane and conventional Holi gifting ideas for your family. Instead, invest your time and money in choosing a smart financial gift or a fun Holi hamper that will bring a smile to their faces.

  • Gold Coin: If you are looking for something valuable yet sensible, gifting a gold coin is an excellent and valuable Holi gift idea. Gold coins are made of the purest form of gold- 24-karat or 99.9% pure gold. The coins can later be converted into jewellery or sold off to generate cash in times of need. 2 Gram gold coins are getting quite popular as Holi gift ideas. Beautiful designs, better security, and low investment risk- it is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Do check out the gold coin rate for the day before making a purchase.

  • Exotic Sweet Box: No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Apart from traditional Holi sweets like gujiyas, include exotic sweets like baklavas, gourmet cupcakes, and handmade chocolates in this sweet Holi Hamper.

  • Explosion hamper: Holi means colour, fun, laughter, and a day of going crazy. Putting together an Explosion Hamper as a Holi gift is a great idea. Colourful T-shirts with funny slogans, multiple colour packets, pichkaaris, and sweets can be included in this box.

  • Organic Gulal Hamper: We want to play with colourful gulal, aim water balloons at passersby and drench everyone in pools of coloured water on Holi. But synthetic gulal available in the market are harsh for our skin and not good for the environment. A great Holi hamper idea is to curate a Gulal Hamper with organic gulal packs of the most beautiful colours.

  • Themed Holi Party: What better way to celebrate Holi than to gather your most special people around? Decide a theme for the party- could be Bollywood, Retro, etc. Keep huge drums filled with coloured water and a lot of gulal. And not to forget, lots of snacks and drinks.

  • Personal Care Hamper: We get so lost in merrymaking during Holi that we forget to prep ourselves for the onslaught of gulal attacks. Curate a Personal Care Hamper to include items like a coconut hair oil bottle, a tub of Vaseline to prevent the colours sticking to our skin, a gentle cleanser to clean ourselves post the celebrations, an intensely hydrating moisturizing cream, nail paints which can prevent fingers from being stained, sunscreen, some wet tissues, etc. This Holi Hamper as a gift would be appreciated and loved by everyone.

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