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| September 22, 2022

International Daughter's Day 2022: Gift Ideas To Bring A Smile To Your Daughter's Face

Fortunate are the parents who are blessed with a daughter. A daughter brings love, laughter, and loads of happiness with their presence, innocence, and compassionate nature into their parent's life. Now it's the parent's turn to return the bliss to their little wonder women on this International Daughter's Day falling on 25th September 2022.

The goal of the International Daughter's Day celebration is often to increase the awareness of the joys that daughters bring into people's lives. Many people use this as an occasion to go out with their daughters and emphasize the vital role they play in their life. Make your little princess feel special by giving her a daughter's day gift that she will cherish forever. Gifts for daughters are not easy to choose from because girls are picky by nature but don't worry. Here is the list of top recommended daughter's day gift ideas that will bring a smile to her face.

Goddess Lakshmi gold coin

A woman who doesn't love gold doesn't exist. A gold coin engraved with the goddess Lakshmi is a perfect gift for a daughter from her dad. You can buy it hassle-free online from a trusted financial corporation or NBFC. These gold coins come in weights of 1, 2, 4, and 8 grams. You can choose according to your wish and make your daughter feel precious.

Gold Pendant

Girls and women of all ages are fond of jewellery. So a Goddess Lakshmi gold pendant will be a great gift to bring prosperity, good luck, and wealth into your daughter's life. The price of a gold Lakshmi pendant will vary depending on the weight of the pendant, as it comes in four different weights of 1, 2, 4, and 8 grams.


This International Daughter's Day 2022, surprise her with a bunch of accessories. Girls are crazy for watches, handbags, heels, bracelets, earrings, scrunchies, and so on. When confused about what to buy, you can vouch for these accessories that will never fail you and woo your little munchkin's heart. Keep the accessories in a beautifully packed basket adorned with little beads, glitters, bows, etc., on her bedside, and watch the joy she will have on her face when she wakes and sees your present.

Go on a vacation

The time you will give her will be the most valued daughter's day gift. Going on a family vacay will be an exciting way to spend the day and make her feel loved. On this day, be her Ginnie and grant her the wish of visiting her favourite place. Take her for any adventure or water sport, a visit to the world of Disneyland, shopping, anything she wishes for.

Throw a surprise party for her

Make her 2022 International Daughter's Day, one that she remembers all her life as a beautiful memory. Plan a surprise party, call all her friends, keep the menu of her favourite cuisine, play the kind of music she likes, organize games to add a flavour of excitement, and more that she loves. Amaze her with a fantastic party.

Plan a date

Daughter's day is an ideal opportunity to sit down and spend time with your daughter over lunch, dinner, or even breakfast on a Sunday. Talk to her, and know her dreams, aspirations, her likes, and dislikes. An honest and healthy conversation with her will help you learn and understand her better.

Gift her a jewellery box

What could be more appealing to daughters than jewels and a jewellery box? It is why it is on the list. Every female has a jewellery collection. She will admire it if you give her a lovely container to keep her jewellery, and accessories like bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. On online platforms like Amazon, there is a wide range of possibilities for customization. These boxes are best for holding valuable ornaments for girls and women. It will be one of those gifts that your daughter will treasure for a lifetime.

International daughter's day is honoured in many nations to advance equality and celebrate daughters. Shower your love on your daughter this international daughter's day 2022 by choosing from a variety of stuff, for example, 1 gram of gold coin, a gold pendant, clothing, customized premium chocolates, etc.

If you are planning to buy gold, then Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation is a name you can trust. With a purity of 24 kt and fineness of 999.9, they will deliver the products within 72 hours of your placing the order in captivating gift boxes. Moreover, all our products are MMTC-PAMP Assay certified and reach your doorstep without paying any shipping cost.

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