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| February 16, 2023

Investment Options for Women's Gifts on this Women’s Day

Women always had financial understanding and they have been managing finances for ages. In the older times, their skills were not allowed to flourish outside of her home. Many women, especially in India, are forced to take career breaks or leave their jobs due to marriage or motherhood. They are forced to be financially dependent on their partners. But with changing times, she is no longer prepared to be side-stepped. For the women of today, attaining financial freedom is one of their topmost priorities. An investment in her is the perfect gift you can get her this International Women’s Day. Numerous investment options are available that ensure women are secure in the face of emergencies or crises. Thus, the importance of learning the art of financial planning and investment management, especially for a woman, can’t be stressed enough.

Why is Financial Planning Important for Women?

Financial freedom is having a steady source of income that ensures you enjoy a comfortable lifestyle throughout your life. This International Women’s Day, gift a woman the confidence to lead her life on her own terms.

  • Financial Independence: Financial freedom enables women to confidently face unplanned life crises. Also, women on average, have a longer life expectancy. A robust retirement plan can help provide for additional healthcare expenses etc.

  • Life-altering Circumstances: A financially sound woman is better prepared to tackle unforeseen situations such as the death or disability of a spouse, loss of income, divorce, etc.

  • Career Breaks: Women are considered the primary caregiver and nurturers in the family. It is very common to find women forced to quit their jobs or take career breaks owing to familial responsibilities.

  • Break the Shackles: Unfortunately in India, educating women on financial planning does not come intuitively. Social conditioning has made money matters a male-dominated topic. Financial literacy should be inculcated in children from a young age, irrespective of gender.

Investment Options as Women’s day Gifts

  • Gold Coins: If you wish to gift something tangible and traditional yet valuable, gold coins are an excellent choice. Gold is a versatile asset class that has the potential of generating good returns. Gold coins are made of the purest form of gold- 24-karat or 99.9% pure gold. The recipient can either convert the gold coins into jewellery or sell them to generate cash in times of need. Gold coins have become quite popular as Women’s Day Gifts.

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): An investment in a moderate-risk mutual fund portfolio for your special lady can support her long-term financial goals. Gifting your special person a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to which you can contribute a certain amount each month is a smart financial gift. You could consult a financial advisor to decide on the best SIPs to invest in.

  • Digital Gold: Digital Gold refers to Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs), Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs), and/or a Gold Saving Fund. Both Gold ETFs and Gold Savings Funds (also known as Gold Fund or Gold ETF Funds) are smart ways to invest in gold without actually having to physically store the gold. The recipient of this Women’s Day gift idea gets to enjoy the returns in the long term.

  • A Retirement Plan: Financial freedom enables women to confidently face unplanned life crises. Also, women on average, have a longer life expectancy. A robust retirement plan is one of the best Women’s Day gifts you can get for a woman. Investing on her behalf to build a retirement corpus will ensure that she does not have to depend on others for her livelihood and lifestyle.

  • Support her Business: Women are naturally more disciplined, diligent, and consistent. They have proven to be great business leaders. All they need is equal opportunities and a lot of support. There are numerous government schemes and grants that help ladies start a business with very low investment. If she requires monetary help, this Women’s Day gift her a small business loan. Another great Women’s Day gift idea would be helping her set up a zero-investment business to help other ladies.

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