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| October 7, 2021

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) - What is SIP & Benefits of SIP Invest

Everyone has ambitions and objectives, such as a new vehicle, a larger house, or a family vacation to an exotic location. However, only if you work actively toward your goals will you be able to realise them. Using a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to invest in mutual funds is a sensible approach to help you accomplish your goals. If you want to make some additional money by investing, you should realise that it is a long term process that requires patience if you want to build wealth.

SIP investment should always be picked with your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial objectives in mind. As a matter of fact, SIP in the stock market is a good place to start if you want to acquire experience in the equity market. Mutual funds gather investor money and invest it in a variety of assets such as equity, debt, government bonds, and money market instruments. Mutual funds can enhance an investor's portfolio by balancing risk and diversifying it.

What is SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a type of investment vehicle that allows you to invest in mutual funds. It is, as the name implies, a way of investing set sums of money on a regular basis. This can be done on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, for example. It may become simpler to accomplish your financial objectives if you invest consistently in this manner.

How SIP works?

When you invest via a SIP, you invest a set amount of money over a set period of time. This sum enables you to acquire a certain number of fund units. If you do this for an extended period, you will be able to invest in the fund at both its highs and lows.

After you've decided on the duration and frequency of your investment, you can opt to automate them. Give your bank a legal requirement to transfer the cash straight from your bank account into the mutual fund SIP of choosing on a predetermined date each month (or quarter).

Benefits of SIP Investment

SIP investment has several important benefits, which include: -

  • Rupee Cost Averaging

    The Rupee Cost Averaging aspect of SIP is unusual in the sense that you end up buying more units when the market is down. When the market is on the rise, you will purchase fewer items. This is due to the intrinsic characteristic of SIP which requires you to buy more at every market correction. This not only lowers your investing costs but also leads to considerable profits.

  • Low Initial Investment

    With SIP, you may start investing modest amounts and see them develop into large sums. You may begin investing with as few as Rs 500 each month. A SIP is relatively straightforward and easy to track, and instils a feeling of financial discipline, encouraging you to save more.

  • The power of compounding

    The power of compounding refers to the ability to create earnings by investing your gains. To maximise the benefits of compounding in mutual funds, one must start investing early and stay involved for a long period.

  • Increased profits

    SIP delivers double the returns as typically fixed deposits or recurrent instalments. This might assist you in avoiding growing inflationary prices.

  • Convenience

    SIPs can be a handy way to invest. You, like other investors, may not have the time to do comprehensive market research and analysis in order to alter or balance your portfolio. So, once you've chosen a solid fund, you can give the bank standing instructions and let the SIP handle your monthly instalments.

Who Should Invest in SIP?

People who are first-time mutual fund investors may want to consider starting their mutual fund investments with a SIP. This is great for people who have a steady source of income, such as monthly salary. By starting a SIP, you can direct a portion of your regular income into mutual fund investments.

You will become habitual to set away money at regular periods which will help instil a sense of financial discipline in the long term.

At Muthoot Finance, we can provide you with expert assistance for your mutual fund investments. Visit your nearest Muthoot Finance branch and speak to our experts who can assess your financial objectives and recommend an investment portfolio that will help achieve them.

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