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| July 26, 2022

We Have a Great Rakhi Gift Idea for Brothers and Sisters

Rakshabandhan is a festival to celebrate the love and bonding between siblings and stands for protection and respect. Sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and pray for their well-being, while brothers promise to protect their sisters always. Another important part of this festival is the exchange of gifts between brothers and sisters; it is just a way to show love and dedication for each other.

With the festival just around the corner, you must have been looking for a unique gift idea for Rakhi. And if you’ve already made a few Google searches, then you must have seen plenty of results, be it a gift idea for a sister or a unique gift idea for a brother.

Why not take a classic route this year and gift your beloved sibling something that he/she can keep forever and in times of need, make good use of it as well. Yes, you got it right!

There can be no gift more thoughtful than gold to symbolize the unique relationship between brother and sister. The best thing about gold is that it is very versatile and available in many options like ornaments, indivara jewellery, gold bars, coins etc. You can choose something as per the preferences of your brother/sister. Gifting gold in form of coins, pedants, or ornaments from the Indivara collection is a safe and smart idea, something you can never go wrong with.

It's Not Just for the Ladies

Gold is not only a great gift for sisters, but brothers as well. While gold coins, men’s rings, etc. make for great options that one may consider for their brother, why not add a little fun to the whole gifting process? Now, sisters have the option to buy special ‘gold rakhis’ to tie on the wrists of their brothers to add that ‘golden’ touch to the Rakhi celebrations. A Gold Rakhi is like a silent promise to be there for your sibling, protecting them, just as the gold promises to secure and protect their financial future.

Why is Gold the Best Gifting Option?

Here are the reasons why gold coins are great as a Rakshabandhan gift:

Long-term Investment

Gold is a great gift idea for Rakhi as it is not only a traditional favourite but also a very practical thing to give your sibling. In a country like India, gold has always been considered the best option for long-term investment. And what can be better than helping your brother or sister take a small step toward a financially secure future! The value of gold rises with time and gives greater returns in the long term. This small gift of yours might prove to be decent financial support for them, in the case of an emergency.


Unlike other materialistic gifts, be it clothes, perfume, chocolates or something else, gold is something your sibling can keep with them forever. This is a gift they will keep for years and it will still not lose its value.

Evergreen Gifting Option

Almost nobody can say no to gold, be it a coin, jewellery or a pendant. In our country, gold has a high sentimental value and people see it as more than just a precious metal. People might have their own preferences when it comes to design of jewellery or ornaments, etc.,and to cater to the same, gold coins, pendants, and even Indivara jewellery are available in various designs and with different engravings, which helps ensure that you can find the perfect gift for almost anyone and any occasion.

Whether it is a 20, 5 gram gold coin, a yellow gold necklace or an intricately carved bangle from the Indivara collection, a swan pendant or one with the Goddess Laxmi on it, you can sure find something within your budget and that your sibling is sure to love. And, you don’t even have to step out of your house for that because you can buy a Indivara Jewellery, pendants, and gold coin online as well.


This is one of the best things about gold. Being the highly ductile metal that gold is, the gold coins, pendants, or jewellery that you gift can later also be redesigned in a completely new form , according to you wish. In the future, keep the gold as it is or have it redesigned into an entirely new ornament.

Other than these reasons, it is also believed that gifting gold to someone brings financial prosperity to their life. So why not gift a gold coin, pendant, or Indivara jewellery to your sibling this Rakshabandhan and introduce him/her to an idea of savings and a financially secure future.

At Muthoot Gold Bullion, you can find a wide range of design and weight options in gold coins pendants, and jewellery, which is available under the Indivara collection, as well as gold rakhis, that you can choose from to make this Raksha Bandhan extra special. To know more, visit the Muthoot Gold Bullion website.

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