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| April 18, 2023

4 Investment Ideas to celebrate this Father's Day

When we think of people near and dear to us, their happiness becomes important to us. And what better way to make our most special one-our dad feel special with the best gift? We may have explored many Father’s Day gift ideas but a conventional gift runs the risk of the recipient losing interest quickly. So, how about surprising your dad with a gift whose financial value appreciates over time? A gift can help and support him in times of need? For the most significant people in your life, a gift with financial value ticks all the right boxes. And this thoughtful present for 2023’s Father’s Day will be appreciated and creates a positive impact on your relationship.

4 Financial Gifts Ideas For Your Dad

Celebrating a Father’s Day means a lot of love, laughter, and merriment. And the best gift for your dad will be one chosen with care and thoughtfulness. This time around, let go of the mundane and conventional Father’s Day gifting ideas. Instead, invest your time and money in choosing a smart and prudent financial gift that can support them in fulfilling their dreams and desires.

Here are some of the best financial gift ideas that might add greater value to the financial aspirations of your dad.

  • Build a Retirement Corpus. Post retirement, your father’s income shall take a hit. Help your father plan for his retirement by creating an alternate source of income. It could either be developing a property for rental purposes or investing retirement-appropriate schemes such Monthly Income Schemes (MIS) and Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY). Both of these retirement investments provide regular income to retirees. PMVVY has tenure of 10 years and offers assured returns on the monthly option. At the end of 10 years, and the principal amount accumulated is returned to the policyholder. Another good retirement investment idea is a Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme. It is a government-backed retirement benefit program for senior citizens that offers assured returns and have tenure of five years. The interest rate offered is usually higher than bank FDs.

  • Gold Coins: If you wish to gift something tangible and traditional yet valuable, gold coins are an excellent choice. Gold is a versatile asset class that has the potential of generating good returns. Gold coins are made of the purest form of gold- 24-karat or 99.9% pure gold. The recipient can either convert the gold coins into jewellery or sell them to generate cash in times of need. 1 Gram and 8 gram gold coins have become quite popular as Father’s Day gifts owing to their beautiful designs, better security, and low investment risks.

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): An investment for retirement in a moderate-risk mutual fund portfolio for your dad can support his long-term financial goals. You can contribute a certain amount each month toward a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) a smart financial gift. Since SIP plans are monthly contributions, they are a better hedge than lump sum investments against market volatility, coupled with the power of compounding for wealth creation. You could consult a financial advisor to decide on the best SIP plans to invest in.

  • Health Insurance: We want our dads to stay with us for as long as possible. Thus, to ensure that he enjoys good health and that his medical needs are taken care of, a health insurance policy is a sensible Father’s Day gift idea. You can either purchase a family floater plan for the entire family or an individual health plan.


An unconventional gift such as a financial gift has the power to ensure that your dad gets to enjoy his post-retirement life. And there’s nothing like seeing him achieve financial freedom with an invaluable and thoughtful gift this Father’s Day.




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