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| March 22, 2023

4 Reasons Why CIBIL Score is Important in Your Retirement Times

Retirement should be that golden era when retirees get to enjoy life after working hard for decades. A retired person should get to do things they always wanted, not having to worry about finances or other family obligations. If personal finances are managed prudently while a person is earning, it makes retirement stress-free. Seniors who had the foresight to build a retirement corpus do not have to depend on others for their expenses. However, financial emergencies could sometimes derail financial planning and a retired might need money at a short notice. For lenders, a borrower’s credit score is the most important parameter when granting a loan, whether it is a retiree or an employed person. Hence, it is important to keep a check on one’s credit score even after retirement. You can download your free credit report from CIBIL’s official website.

Why is CIBIL Score Important in Your Retirement Times?

It would be unwise to assume that there wouldn’t be any need of borrowing money post-retirement. There could be a health emergency or an urgent home repair that requires immediate cash. Or, there could be a liquidation problem for other assets. These are some scenarios when a retiree might have to get a loan. Anyone can monitor and check their CIBIL score with their PAN card number. They should be aware of what might affect their CIBIL score so that rectification steps could be taken if needed.

Here are some of the reasons why one should give importance to their credit score, especially post-retirement:

  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Insurance, both life insurance and health insurance, becomes a necessary tool to have in a person’s retirement period. Life insurance ensures that his/her family is taken care of after their demise. And health insurance becomes critical as medical needs increase with age. An optimum credit score is an important parameter that assures lenders of your creditworthiness. A favourable CIBIL Report can help retirees negotiate for lower insurance premiums. Insurers calculate an applicant’s CIBIL score when determining insurance premiums. Retirees can save money on insurance premiums by maintaining a good credit score.

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  • Ease of Loan Application: One’s CIBIL score is the basis for getting a loan. The free credit report should be accessed regularly and discrepancies should be reported, if any. This will ensure that the credit score is being monitored in the best possible way. However, some unplanned expenses may arise that may require immediate funding. In such cases, a good credit score allows retirees to take out a loan easily at competitive interest rates, without having to be financially dependent on anyone else.

  • Supports Setting up a New Business/ Pursuing a Passion: Many retirees do not want to sit idle post-retirement. They want to generate alternate channels of income by setting up a business or turning their passion into a profitable entity. Both these purposes require an infusion of capital. If you have worked hard to maintain the best possible credit score, obtaining financing for your dream enterprise becomes much easier.

  • Relocation: Many retirees find it difficult to maintain a large house, especially when their children move out. They wish to move to a smaller residence with better security and better access to medical facilities. If the desired property is a rental, funds would be required to furnish the security deposits as well as pay for amenities. A healthy credit score can help refinance their former residence to generate cash for the newer one.


A good credit score and CIBIL Report ensure that a retired person leads a dignified life without having to depend on others for financial assistance. The importance of a good credit score should never be undervalued, especially post-retirement.

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