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| July 10, 2022

Benefits of Domestic Money Transfer Service Available in India

Money is the primary mode of transaction used all over the world, essential to fulfilling household purchases, investments, medical emergencies, everyday needs, and a lot more. In a world where money is so important, it is crucial to have sufficient cash on hand to meet everyday needs. At the same time, there should also be provisions to make money accessible to your near and dear ones whenever the need for it arises. That is where the domestic money transfer service in, facilitating the quick transfer of funds.

Domestic money transfer service is basically the transfer of money through electronic mediums within the country. It is a computer-based system used for bank-to-bank transfers of money that do not require any direct personal intervention. For what it has to offer, it is a quick way to send domestic remittances to friends and family. This service comes in handy in case of an emergency or for sending money at odd hours. The money is credited within a few minutes into the receiver’s account which makes it a preferred choice.

So, it is not an issue if you are working on weekdays and want to send money to your parents living in another city on weekends. It's instant, fast and easy. Furthermore, its minimal documentation requirement makes it the best way to transfer money. Nowadays, you can also send money by using OTP for authentication. Let’s see why domestic money transfer services are the best for domestic remittance:

Minimal Service Charges

Money transfer services have nominal charges for inward or outward remittance services. You just need to pay a fraction of the transaction amount as service charges. The domestic money transfer charges are kept low to cater to a large number of customers. This is one of the main reasons Muthoot Finance has a huge customer base who trusts us for their domestic and international money transfers.

24/7 Service

You may need immediate funds in the off-banking hours. Even during day time, spending hours in long queues is tiresome. What option do you have? DMT money transfer facility provides 24/7 service, giving you the flexibility to transfer money online your convenience. Now, you don’t need to worry about the bank timing anymore. It’s a no-fuss process that requires no documentation and saves time.

Quick Transfer Facility

The domestic money transfer service, also known as domestic wire transfer, ensures that the recipient gets the money in the shortest amount of time. The quick domestic remittance facility is very convenient if someone requires instant funds as it has zero delays. In the case of a medical emergency or otherwise, it is highly advantageous to use this service to send or receive funds immediately.

Open on Bank Holidays

One of the best features of the domestic money transfer service is that you can transfer money on bank holidays. The money transfer system is fully operational on public holidays. So, if you want to send money to your loved ones during the festival season or on weekends, use this service without any hesitation. The money is transferred in a short time span to the receiver’s bank account.

Serves Multiple Monetary Purposes

These services are used for a variety of purposes. Now, you can use the Bharat Bill Payment System to pay your utility bills and the DMT service for money transfers within the country. So, you can pay your electricity bill or water bill using the Bharat Bill Payment System, which makes it easy to never miss a due date.

Safe and Secure

The money transfer platforms have end-to-end encryption that ensures complete security. You can freely transfer money to your relatives without worrying about the safety and security of the transaction. Online money transfers have a verification system and tokenization to make sure that customers do not face any issues related to security.

Muthoot Finance offers a domestic money transfer service that allows you to transfer money within the country. Our service is very quick and reliable, and that ensures complete safety during the entire transaction process. Now, customers don’t need to stand in long queues to send money to their loved ones. Our online money transfer facility allows you to send and receive money at any time of the day. Be it a bank holiday or off-banking hours, our service is always available for you. If you wish to send money instantly, you can visit the nearest branch of Muthoot Finance to create your mobile wallet. Furthermore, our Bharat Bill Payment System offers you the option to pay your utility bills in just a few steps. We ensure the best quality service to our customers.

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