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| September 22, 2022

Make Your Daughter’s Future Rewarding With These 5 Investment Plans

A daughter’s smile light up your world, and their eyes give you a reason to smile. From being little bundles of joy to being the best of friends for her parents, daughters have always been aside their loved ones, bringing more joy to the world. This Daughter’s Day 2022, if you want to gift something special to your daughter, securing her financial future is the best way to show her how much you care for her. Instead of giving her materialistic things like chocolates or flowers, gift her something that can fulfil her life’s dreams. A designer handbag or a day at the salon might be a great gifting option, but nothing compares to making her future secure by gifting financial instruments like gold jewellery, mutual funds, insurance policies, gold coins etc. which can be a life-changing experience for her.

Every parent wants to provide their daughter with a financially secure future, and a majority of them have education, marriage and other financial goals on their to-do list. Merely pooling money in a bank account may not be enough because investment must keep pace with inflation. While planning to create a strong financial cushion for your daughter, it is significant to make the right investment plan at the right time. So what is better than this Daughter’s Day? Here are the five best gift ideas for your daughter to make her future rewarding by taking these small and easy steps this International Daughter’s Day.

  • Insurance Plans
    There is no better gift idea for your daughter than a promise for a secure future. When you become a parent, you think about ways to secure your child’s future by investing in various insurance plans. Insurance policies might not seem like a great daughter’s day gift at first, but the benefits it comes with will give your daughter the financial security you always thought to give her. You can look out for insurance plans like health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance etc. to ensure all-round protection for your daughter.

  • Mutual Funds
    Another one of the best ways to make your daughter’s future secure is by starting a mutual fund investment program in the name of your daughter. You can start investing in long-term equity funds and expect good returns over the year. When investing in mutual fund schemes, try to opt for a longer investment horizon for a period of at least five to ten years, so that your daughter can get access to a corpus fund once the policy matures.

  • Gold Coins
    Gold is one of the most preferred metals to gift your loved ones on any special occasion in the form of gold bullion, gold pendants etc. Why not consider giving gold in the form of gold coins to your daughter? If you want to buy gold in its purest form, gold coins are one of the best ways to do so. Gold coins are a low-risk investment option that offers better security and is said to be one of the best ways to invest in gold in the most stress-free manner. Gold coins come in various denominations like 2 gram gold coins and many other options with various designs carved on them.

  • Digital Gold
    Gifting digital gold as a Daughter’s Day gift idea is a new-age way to buy gold in the most digitalised manner. You can buy digital gold online from an array of platforms available nowadays, and there won’t be any difference in its purity and design. Buying digital gold is like buying stocks. You can simply make an account in the name of your daughter, check the current gold price and buy gold that fits your budget.

  • Gold Jewellery
    Gold jewellery has the potential to be a highly personal gift item with the right love and care that will survive for many years to come and whose value will only appreciate over time. Gold is a promise of prosperity forever. It acts as a unique investment option that offers financial security to your daughter as an ideal investment option. You can look out for gold jewellery for your daughter that comes with the highest purity with a certificate of authenticity.

Why Muthoot Finance?

Muthoot Finance is India’s No. 1 Most Trusted Financial Services Company* that offers various insurance policies under one platform with innovative, cost-effective and customized solutions to ensure total consumer satisfaction. Muthoot Finance also lets you invest in mutual funds depending on your preferences, risk, appetite etc. You can even calculate your returns for SIP investments when you choose to invest in mutual funds through Muthoot Finance. Gold coins are another offering by Muthoot Finance that is offered in various denominations with different designs carved on the gold coin like Laxmi Ganesh etc., offered in 999 purity and authenticity. To gift your daughter a more personalised form of gift in the form of gold jewellery, you can explore the Indivara collection as well which offers gold pendants, gold coins, gold bars etc. with BIS Hallmark as a sign of purity and quality.

There is more to money and putting it in a good investment plan rather than just saving and spending. Introduce your daughter to the world of investment and inculcate the habit of investing money in some or the other way to reap better benefits in the future. This Daughter’s Day, introduce your daughter to equity mutual funds, digital gold, various insurance policies, gold coins etc. so that they can get acquainted with different investment options and make her better prepared for the challenges ahead. Make this Daughter’s Day 2022 special by gifting her something that will help her make her future financially sound and secure.

*As per Power of Trust, TRA’s Brand Trust Report

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