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| August 23, 2022

5 Wonderful Gift Ideas for this Ganesh Chaturthi

Gold has a deep-rooted significance in India. We often see people gifting gold bullion, in the form of bars and gold coins to their loved ones on special occasions. Over the years, people’s infatuation with gold in every ceremony and special occasion with gold has grown only stronger. Gifting gold is considered auspicious in India, and what’s better than gifting your sister a Gold Coin, Pendant or Indivara Jewellery that she can cherish forever. The bond that you share with your sister is unique and special, so should be the present, that you gift her this Raksha Bandhan. The gift of gold in the form of a gold coin, pendant, or Indivara jewellery as a Rakhi gift is the most relevant, symbolic and functional gift that one can gift her sister and celebrate the bond of togetherness. Gifting a gold is not just a gift but an investment as it lasts a lifetime and its value only appreciates over time, just like the bond between siblings. When it comes to gifting something to your near and dear ones, it must showcase the value of an individual and purity of intent, which holds true when the gift is a gold coin, pendant, or Indivara jewellery. Here are some reasons why your sister will love the gift you give her this Rakhsha Bandhan.

Versatile Metal

Whether as jewellery or a coin, gold as a gift for your sister is one of the best options. Since gold is one of the preferred types of metal, it has both sales as well as investment value. Gold is highly liquid and portable as security, as it can be converted into cash anytime when an emergency arises.

Great Ornamental Value

Women of every age loves wearing gold ornaments, and gift of gold on Rakhsha Bandhan for your sister can be a very practical gift. To mark a long-lasting relationship, your sister can not only admire the golden gift for years to come, but also keep it with her as a form of investment.

Shield Against Inflation

Gold, in any form, like gold bullion coin, pedant, or jewellery, provides a hedge against inflation as appreciation in its price is generally higher than the rate of inflation. This is because gold is not a paper asset. Rather, it's a commodity which performs better despite inflation.

Great Investment Option

Gold is considered one of the smart investment options as a Rakhi gift to live a secure future, a sentiment which the majority of Indians live by. Gifting your sister a gold coin, pendant, or Indivara jewellery as a Raksha Bandhan gift is a smart choice. With gold prices fluctuating every day, it is good to gift a valuable gift which serves as a great investment value.

Available in Various Denominations

When you choose to buy gold as a gift, you have a multitude of options to choose from as well. For example, starting from 1 gram, gold coins are available in various denominations, just as you can choose from several design and weight options in Indivara jewellery or a pendant. You can even buy gold coins with a carved designs based on your sister’s preferences. There is no better gift than giving your sister a gift of gold to symbolise the everlasting relationship between you and your sister.

Something Special for The Brothers

When brothers are ready to put so much thought and love into their Rakhi gifts, they deserve some special appreciation too! So, sisters, why not return the promise of everlasting protection and love, with a special ‘gift’ for your brother? This year, consider getting some amazing, dazzling Gold Rakhis to tie on your brother’s wrist. Why go down the age-old road of a gift for a gift, when you can glam up the whole day for your brother in style? You can find some of the best designs in Gold Rakhis at Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation, part of The Muthoot Group and choose the one that you know your brother will love!

Buy Gold Coin at Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation

Gold coins make for one of the best gifts for your sister on Raksha Bandhan not only because it is traditional but also because it is versatile and their value only increases over time, ensuring a hedge against inflation. Muthoot Gold Bullion Corporation, a Muthoot group endeavor, offers the best quality gold coins that are thoroughly checked for purity and are available at the best prices possible. At Muthoot Gold Bullion, one can buy gold coins of various denominations like 1 gram gold coin, 2 gram etc., available in various designs carved on them. In addition to this, you can buy gold coins online at Muthoot Gold Bullion with easy monthly instalments that contribute to the easy purchase of gold coins. When you gift a gold coin as a Raksha Bandhan present to your sister from Muthoot Gold Bullion, you also gift a lifetime of security and a moment of love and protection that will last a lifetime.

*As per Power of Trust, TRA's Brand Trust Report.

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