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| September 13, 2021

Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally


Countless students and entrepreneurs have set lofty educational and commercial goals for themselves in today's ambitious age. They go far and wide, circumnavigating the world in order to pursue their aspirations of obtaining a decent education and taking advantage of international business possibilities. It is critical to have sufficient funds to pay expenditures during times like this, especially while they are overseas. And it is our responsibility at Muthoot Finance to ensure that their aspirations are not hampered by financial problems. We provide rapid and reliable remittance services, where you can Internationally transfer money to your loved ones.

Muthoot Finance strives to give the best foreign exchange rates possible so that you may receive the greatest value for your money. Remittances may be made using a variety of payment options, and it is up to you to pick the one that best matches your needs. With Muthoot Finance's online money transfer service, you may send any amount to anybody in the world from the comfort of your own home. It's never been easier to send money internationally.

How long does it take to transfer money Internationally?

The best way to transfer money internationally is with Muthoot Finance, as it offers bank transfers in minutes or up to one business day. Credit or debit card transfers, on the other hand, might take a few days to a week.

Reasons to choose Muthoot Finance to Transfer Money Internationally

1. Send money to relatives and friends

If you grew up or spent your adult life in one nation and now live in another, your family may still rely on your income. Whether you send money back home on a daily basis or perhaps sometimes, you need a secure means to do it. Muthoot Finance is the best way to transfer money overseas.

2. Purchasing a home in another country

Investing in real estate, purchasing a family home, or purchasing a second house necessitates large sums of money sent from overseas in order to acquire and pay the mortgage (if there is one). We provide the best way to send money abroad which is hassle-free.

3. Sending funds to children studying abroad

We frequently hear parents express concern about transferring money to their children. Foreign students have a fantastic opportunity at their fingertips, but it may be costly. If students run out of money or their parents augment their finances, they may send it online with a few clicks.

How does Muthoot Forex work?

Following are the 3 easy steps to send money to your loved ones:

1. Sign up for yourself
Sign up for the Muthoot Finance website using your mobile number. Once you've signed up, you may access your account and complete your KYC.

2. Place your Order
Simply choose the product and currency, and then enter the amount you wish to transfer with details.

3. Make a full or partial payment
International money transfer has become easy with online privilege as you lock in your exchange rates by paying in instalments or simply paying the whole amount The Muthoot Finance Money Transfer service is one of the most reputable in the world. The service is in high demand not just in India, but also in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The Muthoot Group's Money Transfer service is an internet service that allows clients to receive funds from other countries. Our money transfer service is one of the most dependable in the world, being both quick and simple.

Muthoot Finance provides maximum money transfer services across India, with a network of over 5000+ branches. We make certain that your money reaches the proper individual anywhere in the globe as soon as possible. So, the next time you need to send money abroad, make Muthoot Finance your one and only trusted destination.

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