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| February 9, 2023

International Women’s Day 2023: Unique Women's Day Gifts Ideas

Women by nature are nurturers. They add their unique skills and values to enrich the lives of the people around them. We get used to their unconditional love and support so much that we sometimes forget to show our appreciation. Although the special women in our lives do not need a day to celebrate them, Women’s Day is a day for us to celebrate them. And to celebrate Women’s Day in 2023, why not surprise these special women with a special Women’s Day gift? And the best gifts are the ones that are meaningful as well as purposeful. A gift on Women’s Day should be something that reminds her of you and brings a smile to her face.

Unique Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Move over conventional gifts for women like dresses, handbags, make-up, etc. This International Women’s Day, show these special women that you care. We recommend planning for the present well in advance so that you have ample time to purchase or order the gift as well as create a budget for it if need be.

  • Gold: Arguably, very few Women’s Day gifts can match the ‘forever’ meaning of gold. Gold coins (could be a 1-gram gold coin), smart everyday gold jewellery, or a personalized gold pendant are traditional gifts and yet timeless. They are the perfect Women’s Day gift idea. Apart from aesthetic reasons, gold symbolizes auspiciousness, prosperity, and good luck. The lovely woman can flaunt a stunning gold piece and remember you. Or, she can utilize the gold coin for cash or get jewellery made as per her wish. Muthoot Finance has a wide variety of gold coins available at competitive gold prices. Do check out the gold rates before you make a gold purchase.

  • Prepaid Gift Cards: If your special person isn’t very fond of jewellery, you can always gift her Gift Cards on Women’s Day. She can use the card as per her needs- for a vacation, home utilities, or personal needs.

  • Gift a Business Loan: If the person you are buying the gift for is a businesswoman, a business loan could go a long way in supporting her business aspirations. Or, if she has a fantastic business idea, you could set up a startup fund to help launch her business. She will certainly appreciate the financial support.

  • A Relaxing Vacation: Women are natural multi-taskers; they often work long hours without a break. Why not plan a vacation for her this International Women’s Day? A trip to a beautiful locale will help her relax, rejuvenate and create memories of a lifetime.

  • Health Insurance: Women tend to prioritize the health of others before hers. Medical care needs increase with increasing age and a good Health Insurance policy would be ideal for these superwomen on Women’s Day, 2023. Check for plans that cover their specific health issues and needs. Many plans offer additional benefits like OPD visits. Make sure the receiver of this gift is aware of the empanelled hospitals near her.

  • A Relaxing Spa Session: The daily grind is tiring and stressful. And if the special woman in your life is apprehensive about travelling alone, nothing beats a relaxing and rejuvenating spa session. A luxurious pampering session is one of the best Women’s Day gift ideas.

  • Donate to Her Favourite Charity: If she is someone who believes in giving back to society, a contribution to a charity of her choice will light her up. This gift on International Women’s Day implies that you care about her and her value system.


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