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| May 20, 2024

5 Emergency Situations Where a Gold Loan Can Be the Best Option

In everyone’s life, there can be instances when he/she needs to arrange some money on an urgent basis. The reason for this could be anything, but this is a really difficult situation, especially when you don’t have enough savings. In such cases, taking out a loan seems like the most viable option to get the required financial aid. Although there are several different financing options available these days, gold loans are the most preferred one. It is considered one of the fastest and simplest ways of getting access to funds in an emergency.

What is a Gold Loan?

In India, the concept of gold loans has always been there. In old times, people used to borrow money from moneylenders or pawnbrokers by pledging their gold ornaments. Now, government-authorised financial entities have replaced those traditional options to make the process more streamlined. There are a number of lending institutions (banks and NBFCs) that offer easy gold loan at highly competitive interest rates.

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Gold Loan for Emergency

When used smartly, gold loans can prove to be a great financial support in times of need. This is an option that allows you to obtain funds during critical times while retaining ownership of your gold assets. There are several situations where an individual can opt for a gold loan. A few of them are mentioned below:

Emergency Medical Expenses

A medical emergency is something that can deplete an individual’s savings at an unbelievable speed. Such situations are not only mentally and emotionally draining but also add a major financial burden as well. There can be instances when one does not have adequate health insurance coverage or the limit gets exhausted. In such situations, a gold loan can help them obtain funds in the fastest way possible. 

Since the documentation is minimal and the eligibility criteria is flexible, the loan gets approved in no time. So, one can easily cover such unforeseen expenses with the help of a gold loan.

Business Expansion

Starting a new business and running it smoothly is no easy feat. This is something that requires not only time and effort but also a significant amount of money. Apart from working capital, businesses often require some extra funds. It can be either for business expansion or to stabilise the cash flow. In such a scenario, gold loans can come to the rescue. These loans have a higher LTV ratio, so one can get quick access to a large amount of money using their gold assets in a short span of time.

Educational Expenses

There can be situations when an individual cannot obtain an education loan to finance his/her further education. The reason for this could be anything, such as a lack of a good credit profile or a higher tuition fee. No matter what it is, it certainly makes things difficult for the person.

In such situations, gold loans can prove to be of great help. Since the loan amount solely depends on the value of the ornaments being pledged, it is easier to apply for a higher loan amount as well. As a result, it can be a convenient source of funds to not only cover the tuition fees but also expenses like study materials or accommodation.

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A wedding is one of the most joyous occasions in anyone’s life. But planning a wedding can sometimes come across as a challenge due to the substantial expenses it comes with. There are several things, such as venue, catering, clothes, gifts, etc., that require money. In such situations, a gold loan can be the best option. One can easily pledge some gold assets and arrange the required amount of money without any hassle.

Vehicle Purchase 

Financing a vehicle purchase is another thing you can do with the help of a gold loan. Usually, people make a vehicle purchase with some prior financial planning. However, there can be instances when one needs the vehicle on an urgent basis. Since the purchase cannot be delayed, going for a vehicle loan is also not an option. In such cases, one can apply for a gold loan and obtain funds in no time. Unlike traditional vehicle loans, this financing option doesn’t involve complex documentation.

Are you also looking for a convenient financing option to get over a temporary cash crunch? If yes, Muthoot Finance has got your back! Here, we offer the facility of hassle-free gold loans at competitive interest rates. You can explore all our schemes and apply for a loan online. Or, visit your nearest Muthoot Finance branch to know more. 

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